JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN 27 FOGHORNFOCUS: SALES & MARKETING The European World Leader, proudly serving America's finest ! Reservations, Check-In, Port Automation, ePoS Reservations, Check-In, Port Automation, ePoS We care about your Customers Worldwide, we serve over 33 million passengers, 5 million vehicles and over a million cargo units annually. From whale watching to fine dining and from bay crossings to ocean voyages; Carus has the answer. www.carus.com The European World Leader, numbers by creating tried and true posts. Some of them are: introducing new employees, telling your corporate story, sharing funny or poignant moments, promoting community events, and sharing others posts that relate to your operation. One expert says to ignore news and instead post content on trends to gain a bigger following. As for measuring results, Rainbolt has a simple answer: “If you want to get better content, run content tests,” Rainbolt explains. “For example, try an easy ‘A versus B’ test to see if content A outperforms content B.” Which one, A or B, got the most likes or comments? Were the comments positive? Which one was shared the most? How will you know which was most effective? Rainbolt reminds small businesses to utilize the free analytics tools available on social media platforms to gauge success. Pro Tips First and foremost, content managers—those are the professionals who write and manage social media posts and blogs for a living—stress that you do not have to be on all social media outlets all the time. Victoria Rainbolt, a content manager/onboarding manager with New York City-based Animalz— which provides high-end content marketing solutions for some of the world’s largest and most influen- tial companies—advises small busi- nesses to think carefully about your customers’ demographics and habits, as well as your corporate goals before deciding which social media best suits your needs. “My advice is to focus on one social media forum,” says Rainbolt. “To really commit to one platform is a big thing if you do it properly.” She cautions that trying to do too much will likely result in not perform- ing well on any platform. “Know your niche,” she says. “And, own it.” Social media is truly one forum in which size may not matter. Online, small companies can compete with large ones, with some effort. To do this, Rainbolt says to “work within your bandwidth. If you are a small team, don’t worry about covering every social media channel. Prioritize one or two that your customer base is most likely to connect with.” Just having a Facebook or Twitter account, however, isn’t enough. What you post is important. In other words, content matters. Nicole Ames, a digital marketing consultant states, “The content must address a customer’s want or need.” Secondly, according to Ames, “Content must address a real business objective beyond brand awareness that furthers the company’s marketing strategy and aims.” But, what is good content and where do you find it? If you’re looking for ideas of what content to post, Constant Contact, an email marketing pioneer, offered dozens of tips for drumming up bigger social media