JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN 23 FOGHORNFOCUS: SALES & MARKETING STORYLIVING: One Example of How to Reach Gen Z Kieran Mathew, CEO of Amplify Solutions, said in Forbes Magazine that, “Storyliving is modernized storytelling where a company enables consumers to experience their brand narrative.” He described the concept as going “beyond telling people why a brand does what it does, the dialogue and consumer engagement is crucial.” According to Mathew, storyliving is effective with Gen Z. He said, “Think of it this way: the average 18-year-old observes about 10,000 marketing messages a day. They’re tired of being talked at and sold to, so brand trust is low. This begs the question: how do you cut through the noise to drive conversions while not actively selling your product? If you look at Gen Z’s buying habits, about six in ten consumers prefer spending money on experiences versus material goods. This means opportunities for brands that offer value-driven experiences to showcase their narrative while engaging with consumers.” Mathew explained that storyliving could be as simple as creating events that are local and relevant to Gen Z. He said, “brands can leverage Gen Z influencers to promote events, engaging their peers digitally during the experience and after, reaching consumers at scale in a natural manner. The experiences play on Gen Z’s sharing mentality, especially when it’s an Instagrammable environment.” As a vessel operator, talk to members of the Gen Z demographic (deckhands, ticket sellers, etc.) to identify events and influencers that may appeal to those young people to sell tickets and have them keep your story going with their Instagram photos and YouTube videos. n www.ALLAMERICANMARINE.com T: 360.647.7602 E: Sales@allamericanmarine.com Bellingham,WA For over 30 years, All American Marine has been at the leading edge of aluminum vessel design and manufacturing. We are proud to have built the 2018 Boat of the Year, Enhydra, and are looking forward to showing you what’s next. EASY MANEUVERABILITY Give your passengers a smooth ride with reliable John Deere PowerTech™ propulsion and generator drive engines. Withhightorqueandlow-rated rpm,theydeliver excellent vessel control and quiet operation. For easy navigation on the water — Nothing Runs Like A Deere™. JohnDeere.com/Marine 60 to 559 kW (80 to 750 hp)