JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN 21 FOGHORNFOCUS: SALES & MARKETING • They are more globally connected (because of social media); • Generation Z is synonymous with technology. While Millennials were digital, Generation Z is the first gen- eration to grow up with technology from the start; • They block out marketing noise, so you need to create a narrative that is compelling; and • Independent learners – they have a desire to know-how and self-ed- ucate.   So, how can vessel operators reach these young people and entice them to buy tickets for their vessels? According to an article in Forbes, citing Mintel, a marketing research firm that tracks global trends, passenger vessel op- erations may be on the radar of Gen Z spenders because vessel operators offer several of the items that Gen Z reported spending money on: entertainment, restaurants, and public transportation. If marketed correctly, theoretically we could see sightseeing, whale-watch- ing, eco-tours vessel operators at- tracting Gen Z and their interest in entertainment. Ferry operators tick another box (public transportation) in some markets, as well as dinner boat operators because they offer restaurant service. The question is, then, how to engage this group of plugged-in, tech-savvy, budding spenders? Given that these young people have always known a highly technological world, it should come as no surprise that interactions with them must come through tech- nology. Optimal Ways to Market to Them: • Sell the success/the experience they will achieve by using the product – “they had the best night of their lives on your vessel” • They like coupons (remember, they’re frugal!) – and subscribe to retailers so it’s possible to reach them by cultivating ads with coupons; • They will be more likely to buy online – so digital marketing is key; • Social media is used at an entirely different level, think Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Snapchat (not Facebook); • Use influencers to market (there are Instagram and SnapChat “stars” that have a huge following) that will promote your experience - you would have to get them to come on a cruise and ask them to post their experience – (typically you can motivate them by offering a free cruise);