20 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS: SALES & MARKETING leah@marinegroupbw.com (619) 621-2220 Marine Group Boat Works is the finest California boatbuilder and repairer of steel and aluminum high-speed ferries, catamarans and passenger vessels up to 220 feet-long. Operating two shifts, six days per week for fast turnarounds and minimized vessel time out-of-service. SANDIEGO,CA Complete control and steering systems for vessels of all types and sizes. +1 (604)572-3935 • Surrey, BC, Canada sales@kobelt.com • www.kobelt.com KOBELT MANUFACTURING CO.LTD. Gen Z According to Pew research Millennials are born between 1981 and 1996, whereas Gen Z started in 1997 and continues today. Now that this generation is aged 21 and younger, they are out in force in the marketplace with their Google Pay and Apple Pay apps on their Smartphones— which they usually receive when they’re just 10 years old—and are ready to spend money. Lots of money. Experts say this demographic group already has impres- sive purchasing power and buying influence in excess of $44 billion dollars…and they’re just getting started in the workforce. Some Behavioral Attributes for Gen Z to Consider: • Gen Zers represent a buying power of $44 billion (according to Entrepreneur Magazine); Step Aside Millennials, Gen Z Is Here By Liz Diedrich, Destiny Cruises LLC with Karen Rainbolt, FOGHORN Managing Editor F or years, we have been hearing that, as business owners, we need to turn our marketing efforts on its head in order to effectively reach Millennials. Now, Generation Z (Gen Z) is entering the marketplace and, as marketers, we need to connect with this younger group of influential customers differently. • The average Gen Z-er has an attention span of about eight seconds; • They grew up in a time that was less economically sound (think 2008 and the recession) and therefore are more frugal; • They go to stores more for the expe- rience; • 47% use their Smartphone at a brick- and-mortar locations to enhance their experience; • They are not completely obsessed with healthy foods – but they are concerned with quality – (and in- terestingly eat more fast food than Millennials!);