10 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 • FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS: SALES & MARKETING 1.800.777.0714 toll free www.merequipment.com 8-500kW Marine Generators // Pull harder in the harshest marine environments // More copper & premium corrosion resistance // Superior motor starting & low operating temps // Better fuel economy & longer engine life // Easy to service & worldwide dealer support // Proudly made in America OVER 60 YEARS OF CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE GLADDING-HEARN SHIPBUILDING Duclos Corporation gladding-hearn.com GladdingHearn-MBTAFerry-BW.pdf 1 10/24/18 2:04 PM About the Author  Meghan Speer is the newly- appointed CEO of Marketing Support Network, a full-service communications service center in Pittsburgh, PA. She headed the Digital Marketing department there for the past four years and has been in digital marketing for over a decade helping companies across the country connect to their customers. Meghan is excited to be heading to the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2019 as a speaker. Have I earned the right to ask? Going back to the initial idea of social media actually being SOCIAL, it is a good idea to make sure you are “giving” more than “asking”. For every post where you ask your audience to buy or donate or click, give them 2-3 posts that are engaging and interesting. What is the journey I want a customer to take? Once you get someone as a fan on social media, then what? Make sure your strategy maps out the journey you want them to take and that your website or other interfaces have a cohesive look and feel to the branding they are used to on your social media. How do we define success? It’s hard to track exactly how many people ended up on your boat or tour because of a Facebook post but there are ways to attribute sales and conversions. Decide what success looks like and make sure you have the tools in place to measure along the way. One of the most important things to remember as you start a new year is that your clients, customers, or consumers are the most important part of your strategy. The marketing trends of building communities around your brand or organization and providing an excellent engaging experience will only increase in 2019. When the focus of your efforts is on building and furthering relationships with people you want to be reaching and not just trying to sell to them all the time, you’ll set yourself up for success in this new year and beyond. n