MAY 2019 • FOGHORN 37 SAFETYMATTERS sensitive position until the DOT return- to-duty requirements are met. See 49 CFR 40.25 for information on return-to- duty requirements. It is important to note that if the new marine employer does not receive a response from the previous employers within 30 days of the individual being placed in a safety-sensitive position, the new employer may continue to employ that individual in a safety-sensitive position. Requests for previous employer’s drug and alcohol testing results of a prospective crewmember should be documented and kept on record for 3 years. The tools and requirements above are designed to assist marine employers in making the best hiring decisions by keeping unqualified mariners off the water. While both are reliant on human input, the systems in place have proven to be effective. n The Trusted Source for Quality Systems THRUSTERS • LIGHTING • SEATING • TRIM CONTROL • WIPERS • CONTROLS 102 121,4 56 IMTRA COLORS 2016 Primary Use Secondary Use Blue Pantone 647 96C 54M 5Y 27K Pantone Cool Gray 7 20C 14M 12Y 40K Pantone Cool Gray 2 5C 3M 5Y 11K Black 0C 0M 0Y 100K Pantone 368 65C 0M 100Y 0K Pantone 629 36C 0M 9Y 0K employer can employ the individual for up to 30 days while the request is pending at previous employers. The following information must be requested from DOT regulated employers who have employed the in- dividual during any period during the previous two years: • DOT Alcohol tests with a result of 0.04 or higher (not available from marine employers). • Verified positive drug tests. • Refusals (including adulterated or substituted samples). • Other violations of DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations. • If an individual has violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation, docu- mentation of the individual’s suc- cessful completion of the DOT return -to-duty requirements. • Drug and alcohol information from previous employers. The results of alcohol tests, done in accordance with boating while under the influence (33 CFR Part 95) and casualty investigations (46 CFR Part 4), may be released provided that a dis- claimer is added that the alcohol tests were not DOT alcohol tests but that the tests were done in accordance with Coast Guard regulations. Results of the Background Request The response from the previous employers must be in written form (e.g. fax, e-mail, or letter) that ensures confidentiality. Appropriate markings or password protection can be used to meet this requirement. Marine employers are obligated to respond to all requests from other DOT regulated employers. Before respond- ing, previous employers should make sure that the employee’s signature is on the information request. Previous employers should respond as soon as possible and document the date of their response. If information of a DOT drug violation is obtained, the individual may not be employed in any safety