MAY 2019 • FOGHORN 23 FOGHORNFOCUS: HUMAN RESOURCES Cloud Based - Available off-line with Underway App Maintenance - Inventory - Documentation Intuitive User Interface Safety & Drill Integration Turnkey Setup Electronic Log Books SMS Integration Marine Maintenance System w w w . W h e e l H o u s e T e c h . c o m - 9 7 8 - 5 6 2 - 5 2 1 1 Exceptional Innovative Unique in 2008-2012 when I was a part of the working group, chartered under the PVA Coast Guard-PVA Partnership that created Flagship, it occurred to me there will probably always be a gap between “that’s a great idea” and “let’s do it” even with the existence of Flagship. I understand that since 2012, there have been representatives from 10 member companies who have been in- strumental in developing, Beta testing, and fine-tuning Flagship for use by any and all members. Based on this founda- tion, there couldn’t be a better time for other PVA members and the passenger vessel industry at-large to start taking the next steps towards implementing a process based management system like Flagship. By comparison, we perhaps use the same reasons for not starting when it comes to implementing a personal fitness routine. We’re “too busy” or we are “not ready” to even start working out. Ironically, at about the same time I was busy working in the U.S. Coast Guard-PVA Flagship working group, I experienced these same reasons for not staying in shape. Increasingly, con- sidering my advocacy for a systems approach to small passenger vessel safety, I felt I needed to practice what I was preaching in areas of personal interest as well. The System So what exactly was I preaching? Simply, “you already have a system.” Yes, even you Beta-testers out there! Your system might not be well docu- mented, and it might not be perform- ing like you want it, but you have a system…you just need to start improving it. You see, waiting for per- fection to start will inevitably keep you from ever starting. With a little humility, I was actually perfectly ready to begin system improvement with my personal fitness.Applying my own pre- scription, I actually took it even further. Not only did I join a CrossFit fitness group, but I also implemented a pro- cess-based management system for a volunteer youth baseball organization I was running (with a manual organized