6 MAY 2017 • FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS: HUMAN RESOURCES I t is a reality that most PVA Vessel members operate in resort or urban areas that tend to have expensive real estate, and high cost-of- living. The millennial genera- tion is coming of age, and they are looking for secure careers. If we want to attract and retain bright and hard- working employees, it is necessary to help them feel secure at both work and home. Our older employees may have been able to buy property before home values increased, and thus the issue went unnoticed for a long time. However, as our older generation of employees retires it is necessary to fill positions with younger people who are starting their family lives. According to Workforce magazine in a February 2012 article, more employers are offering Employer Assisted Housing. These companies (CVS, Harley- Davidson, multiple univer- sities) have seen dramatic shifts in employee attraction and retention. Company programs range from $500 down payment assistance to full mortgage programs to credit counseling. Down payments tend to be the most difficult issue for their employees. These programs are small investments to the employers, but largely affect individual employees. Employer Assisted Housing in the Passenger Vessel Industry By Jacob Market, Miller Boat Line