+1 954-763-3660 800 622-6747 +1 954-763-3660 800 622-6747 +1 954-763-3660 800 622-6747 Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. Authorized Distributor and Service Center Baudouin offers a true marine diesel engine which features many advantages only known by larger commercial engines. ● Crankcase access doors ● Individual cylinder heads ● On-engine oil centrifuge ● Analog gauges for backup read out ● Modern common rail fuel system ● Standard double wall injection lines and more... 12 M26.3 6 M26.3 Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. is providing the main propulsion systems for Hornblower Cruises’ latest venture - “The New York Citywide Ferry Service Expansion”. Ferries scheduled for shorter river routes will be equipped with two Baudouin 6M26.3 engines each providing 815mhp @ 2100rpm. Longer ferry route service to Rockaway will be powered by two Baudouin 12M26.3 engines each providing 1400mhp @ 2100rpm. Visit for more information.