34 MAY 2017 • FOGHORN NEWSWIRE 2570 Beverly Dr. #128, Aurora, IL 60502 T 630.236.3500 CENTA Power trAnsmIssIon LeADIng By InnovAtIon • USA based production • Over 20 unique designs • Over 16 million sold • Torsional vibration experts Trust CENTA – The Global Innovator Since 1970 CENTALINK Carbon Fiber Driveshafts Innovative flexible couplings for marine applications Cape Cod Bay Vessel Operators: Watch out for Whales With endangered right whales returning to Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts this spring, the National Marine Fisheries Service reminds mariners to keep a sharp lookout for flippers, spouts, and any signs of whales in the water. An unusually high number of right whale sightings in unusually high numbers have occurred around the Cape Cod Canal and in Cape Cod Bay this year, including two recently spotted mother and calf pairs. Last May, one of the eight calves was killed by a vessel strike, and was found floating off Chatham, Massachusetts. With only three known calves born this year in the North Atlantic, the two calves in our Bay are extremely precious, and we need to do all we can to keep them safe,” said Charles “Stormy” Mayo, PhD, Director of the Right Whale Ecology Program at the Center for Coastal Studies, an important private partner that works closely with NMFS and the state. Vessels 65 feet or greater in length are required to travel at 10 knots or less off Race Point through April 30 and in Cape Cod Bay through May 15.  NMFS Paddle-shaped flippers. Credit: Khan/NOAA