MAY 2017 • FOGHORN 31 We are proud to present our newest Passenger Ferry EXPEDITIONS Six, with MAN Engines, ZF Gears and Mavrik Marine’s superb build. 1-800-695-2624 • SAFETYMATTERS regulation, documentation of the individual’s successful completion of the DOT return -to-duty require- ments. • Drug andAlcohol information from previous employers. The results of alcohol tests, done in accordance with boating while under the influence (33 CFR Part 95) and casualty investigations (46 CFR Part 4), may be released provided that a disclaimer is added that the alcohol tests were not DOT alcohol tests but that the tests were done in accordance with Coast Guard regulations. Results of the Request The response from the previous employers must be in written form (e.g. fax, e-mail, or letter) that ensures confidentiality. Appropriate markings or password protection can be used to meet this requirement. Marine employers are obligated to respond to all requests from other DOT regulated employers. Before responding, previous employers should make sure that the employ- ee’s signature is on the information request. Previous employers should respond as soon as possible and document the date of their response. If information of a DOT drug violation is obtained, the individual may not be employed in any safety sensitive position until the DOT re- turn-to-duty requirements are met. See 49 CFR 40.25 for information on return-to-duty requirements. If the new marine employer does not receive a response within 30 days, of the individual being placed in a safety-sensitive position from previous employers, the new employer may continue to employ that individual in a safety-sensitive position. The bottom line is there is a process in place to verify the suitability of a prospective crewmember that does not violate any privacy laws or regu- lations. As long as new and previous employers follow the requirements, the process will run smoothly for all. n