MAY 2017 • FOGHORN 27 LEGISLATIVEREPORT requiring paid sick leave. In Congress, Senator Patty Murray of Washington State has introduced S. 636, entitled the Healthy FamiliesAct. The bill has 33 co- sponsors, all of whom are Democrats or Independents. Provisions of the bill include: • A “covered employer” must enable workers to earn up to 56 hours of paid sick leave (including family care); • A “covered employer” is one who employs at least 15 employees for each working day during at least 20 work weeks in the previous year; • A “smaller employer” does not have to provide paid sick leave as described above, but if it chooses not to do so, it must provide unpaid sick leave (including family leave) in the same amounts and for the same purposes. • To earn an hour of sick leave, an employee must work 30 hours. • For purposes of accumulating hours for calculating earned sick leave, the clock starts ticking at the beginning of the worker’s employment. • The employee can begin to use accu- mulated paid sick leave 60 calendar days (not 60 work days) after starting employment. • Accumulated paid sick leave of up to 56 hours can be carried over from one year to the next. • If a worker is terminated, resigns, or retires, the employer does not have to pay financial benefits on account of unused accumulated paid sick leave. • Permissible uses of the accumu- lated sick leave include: absence necessitated by the employee’s illness, injury, or medical condition; absence to obtain care from a medical professional; absence to care for a family member (including a domestic partner) who has a medical condition or (in the case of a child) is required to attend a school meeting; absence related to needs of a victim of domestic violence. An identical bill in the House is H.R. 1516, sponsored by Congresswoman Rose DeLauro of Connecticut, with 114 cosponsors (all Democrats). It’s doubtful that Congress will enact the Healthy Families Act, unless President Trump endorses it. He has said nothing on this issue since his in- auguration, but during his campaign, he called for providing maternity benefits to new mothers (not fathers) by making them eligible for six weeks of unemployment compensation. n • Passenger seats • Interior benches • Exterior benches • Fold up seat • Captain’s Chair • Bar stool •Tub chair •Tables • Full range of accessories Certified interior and exterior seating and accessories for passenger vessels and terminals