MAY 2017 • FOGHORN 21 SPECIAL REPORT: SECURITY About the Author As the former Commanding Officer for the U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center, Jeffrey P. Novotny is now with The MITRE Corporation’s Homeland Security Center in the Borders, Transportation, Immigration Department. He has studied at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, George Mason University and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. PVA member MITRE Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that operates research and development centers sponsored by the federal government. Mitre supports our sponsors with scientific research and analysis, development and acquisition, and systems engineering and integration. Leveraging the Aviation Safety Concept for Maritime Safety and Security The same principles that enabled the ASIAS program to improve airline safety can be leveraged in passenger vessel safety and security. Individual operators currently record safety and security issues within their Safety Management Systems and Security Assessments as part of their Alternate Security Plans. The data collection, analysis, and governance processes developed for ASIAS evolved with the objectives to minimize additional reporting, address issues important to the operators, and establish gover- nance by an Executive Board. The data collection process ingests operator data from the operators’ own formats, and anonymizes the data to remove the identification of an individual operator. This process allows the analysis of industry trends without attribution to an individual operator. Reporting is expected to be enhanced through information sharing as operators can recognize potential safety and security issues faced by other operators and implement actions to minimize potential occurrences within their op- erations. Special Studies An important aspect of the ASIAS approach that can directly benefit passenger vessel operators is the op- portunity for individual operators to highlight special safety or security concerns for industry-wide study. Participants can nominate a special study to review potential safety or security issues, and available data is reviewed to assess the special study area. If available data is insufficient, there may be an additional data call to participants to support the special study area. Again, data submissions are protected and de-identified and not traceable to individual operators. More Information To learn more about the how the ASIAS program might be applied to proactive maritime safety informa- tion analysis, please contact MITRE at n WE LIVE AND BREATHE pAssENgER VEssELs, THAT’s THE KEY TO OUR sUCCEss Anders Rundberg, CEO of Carus We care about your customers Carus offers innovative solutions for the global passenger vessel industry, giving your customers a better experience before, during and after their journey. The Carus solution incorporates ticketing, reservations, check-in, port automation, on-board and relationship management. Published with permission from The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved. Approved for Public Release, Unlimited Distribution (Case Number: 16-4677)