MAY 2017 • FOGHORN 17 FOGHORNFOCUS: HUMAN RESOURCES +1 920.686.5117 Proudly built in the USA Burger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service. Quality Commercial Vessels... Built by Burger to Your Requirements • Aluminum and Steel Fabrication • Passenger Vessels • Research Vessels • Fast Crew Boats • Fast Supply Boats • Wind Farm Support Vessels • Fishing Vessels • Other Vessels to 260' (80m) Under Construction 103’ (31m) Steel Explorer Vessel A ccording to vessel operators who talked to FOGHORN about the most pressing human resource issues in this industry, finding quality employees is the number one concern. Recruiting Tips Clearly, the rules of finding workers have changed. The classified ad in the local paper is no longer your best option for locating potential hires. Instead, there are a myriad of methods to staff your operation this year. Here are some of the ways to reach candi- dates: • Former Employees First and foremost, start by reaching out to former hires and offering a job. These people are already familiar with the operation and job, although you may want to consider offering a step-up position for those former employees who previously impressed you. • Referral Ask your current, or even former, employees to refer people they know who may be a good fit for the job and operation. Offering employees incen- tives when a referral is hired is standard practice in many organizations. • Local Schools, Colleges, Academies, and Universities Reach out to area institutions and explain that you’re hiring and the type of person (personality, skill set, ethics, and drive) you’re looking for. With more and more entry-level positions demanding previous job experience, students may be looking for seasonal or hourly work to add to their resume. • Post Jobs Online The number of online job search websites seems to grow by the day. Here are some to try posting available jobs: Your Website Be sure that your website is up-to- date with job listings and a means for applicants to apply online. Craigslist This site offers a local presence everywhere, so it’s a good place to start. It’s low-cost and is heavily used for people looking for local, hourly work. Hiring Seasonal and Year-Round Employees By Karen Rainbolt, FOGHORN Managing Editor