14 MAY 2017 • FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS: HUMAN RESOURCES Complete control and steering systems for vessels of all types and sizes. +1 (604)572-3935 • Surrey, BC, Canada sales@kobelt.com • www.kobelt.com KOBELT MANUFACTURING CO.LTD. I t’s been well documented that younger people entering the workforce may have different expectations and values than older generations of workers. One area of great im- portance to Millennials is continuing educational opportuni- ties for professional and personal growth. In a May 2016 report published by the Harvard Business Review, Brandon Rigoni, Ph.D., and Amy Adkins wrote, “Millennials place a greater emphasis on opportunities to learn and grow and opportunities for advancement.” This tracks with a study done in 2010 and published in the Journal of Business and Psychology. Authored by Eddy S. W. Ng, Linda Schweitzer, Sean T. Lyons, the study, “New Generation, Great Expectations: A Field Study of the Millennial Generation,” found “[Millennials] had realistic ex- The (Free) Employee Benefit You Already Have By Richard Purinton, Washington Island Ferry Line pectations of their first job and salary but were seeking rapid advancement and the development of new skills, while also ensuring a meaningful and satisfying life outside of work.” Another report stated that training and development ranked 300 percent higher than cash bonuses for Millennials, who not only seek continuous improvement and develop- ment, but two-thirds expect their employers to provide them with opportunities. With so many passenger vessel operations depending on hiring these young workers, it may seem difficult to meet these wishes of continuous education, training, and oppor- tunities for advancement, especially for smaller operators. Fortunately, you already have an employee benefit at your fingertips…and you don’t have to pay a penny to offer it to your employees. The Passenger Vessel Foundation’s educational grants and scholarship program was created with the intention of providing monies to help fund people who are interested in working in the passenger vessel industry. To date, more than $150,000 has been awarded by the Foundation to aid in the advancement of those wanting to pursue a career in the passenger vessel industry. While this program has been in place for nearly two and a half decades, there are many in the industry who are unaware of it or how it may benefit both employers and the individual recipients. To remedy this and demonstrate that the Foundation is a source of scholarship assistance, a poster has been developed for vessel operators to post in their facilities to spread awareness of the scholarship grants and encourage their employees to apply if they intend to further their pro- fessional goals in the passenger vessel industry. PVA vessel members are urged to download the poster and hang it in a