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confidenceconfidenceconfidence PASSENGER VESSEL ASSOCIATION tel 1 800 807-8360 fax 703 518-5151 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 3 Volume 15 Number 02 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN USPS Number 023-702 is published monthly except combined JanuaryFebruary by Philips Publishing LLC 2201 West Commodore Way Seattle WA 98199. Periodicals postage paid at Seattle WA and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER Send address changes to FOGHORN co Passenger Vessel Association 103 Oronoco Street Suite 200 Alexandria VA 22314. Copyright 2016 by the Passenger Vessel Association. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of the Passenger Vessel Association. PRINTED WITH SOY INK FOGHORN Focus FOGHORN is a monthly publication of the Passenger Vessel Association. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. President Margo Marks Beaver Island Boat Company Charlevoix MI Vice President Jeff Whitaker Hudson River Cruises Inc. Kingston NY SecretaryTreasurer Gus Gaspardo Padelford Packet Boat Co. Saint Paul MN Board Members Bob Bijur Island Queen Cruises Miami FL Chip Collopy Shoreline Marine Company Chicago IL Richard Davison Star of Honolulu Cruises and Events Honolulu HI Jim DeSimone Staten Island Ferry Staten Island NY Bob Lawler Entertainment Cruises Boston MA Alison Nolan Boston Harbor Cruises Boston MA Bob Scribner Charleston Harbor ToursSchooner Pride Charleston SC Colleen Stephens Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruises Valdez AK Jim Swindler Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District San Francisco CA Associate Member Representative Carl J. Micu John Deere Power Systems Waterloo IA Past Presidents Dave Anderson Fire Island Ferries Bay Shore NY Terri Bernstein B.B. Riverboats Newport KY Carolyn Horgan Blue and Gold Fleet San Francisco CA Executive Director John R. Groundwater Legislative Director Edmund Welch Regulatory Affairs Consultant Peter Lauridsen Director of Finance Leslie Kagarise Director Public Affairs and Development Jennifer Wilk Director of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management Eric Christensen General Counsel Steven Bers Whiteford Taylor and Preston Editorial Ofces Managing Editor Karen Rainbolt 2771 Houston Dr. Los Osos CA 93402 tel 571 388-7752 Contributing Editor Richard Purinton Washington Island Ferry Line Washington Island WI Advertising and Business Ofces Publisher Peter Philips Advertising Sales Bill Forslund bill 2201 West Commodore Way Seattle WA 98199 tel 206 284-8285 fax 206 284-0391 Convention Review About the Cover Potomac Riverboat Company Alexandria VA which operates around the Nations Capital played an integral part in planning the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016. 6 PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 Bests Mother Nature with Highly Successful Meeting Vessel operators converged at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City for one of the most memorable PVA Annual Conventions at MariTrends in association history. 14 A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats Bob Shaw explains why vessel operations that work together are stronger than those who do not. 16 The 2016 National Census of Ferry Operators Is Coming Soon Every two years the Bureau of Transportation Statistics conducts the National Census of Ferry Operators. This census is vital to the industry for a myriad of reasons including the possibility of receiving grant funding. Youre urged to complete the survey when you receive it. Columns 4 Presidents Letter 5 Executive Directors Letter 17 Regulatory Report 19 Legislative Report 22 Safety Matters 23 PVA Calendar 24 How PVA Benefits You 26 Member News 29 Newswire 30 Advertisers Index 4 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN The Year Ahead On January 26th at the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 in Crystal City just outside of Washington DC I had the honor of succeeding Dave Anderson as President of the Passenger Vessel Association. I would like to thank Dave for his leader- ship and congratulate him on a successful year. Dave worked diligently along with the PVA staff seeking relief from the 2010 law on the proposed rules for out-of-water lifesaving and also in helping to bring the FLAGSHIP program into its final form. His attendance and contributions at the Coast Guards Yorktown Inspector Training Center along with other members and staff has beenand continues to be an important role of PVA. I appreciate the guidance from Dave and all the other past attending presidents as I begin my term as President. Every PVA President has a story on how they came into this industry. So you can understand where I came from I will give you a brief synopsis of my love for the maritime world. I have always had an interest in boats from my early teenage years when my father purchased an old wooden hulled 32-foot boat with a hole in the side. He and I worked side by side bending the ribs with a homemade steam tube and making the planks and chine to repair the old boat. We did a lot of fishing on the east end of Lake Erie and my love for the water and boats grew. After a year at Michigan State University I made the decision in 1980 to find a career on the water. I was accepted into the Great Lakes Maritime Academy and graduated with my First Class Pilots and Mates license for vessels of any gross tons on the Great Lakes and rivers. I sailed on three different Great Lakes bulk freighters. With the dying steel industry in the early 80s jobs were hard to come by. I found work outside of the industry in marketing and leadership research and training using my business degree. It would be 1994 before I made my way back to the maritime world as a harbormaster of a municipal marina. In 2001 I became General Manager of the Beaver Island Boat Company. Our company provides ferry service to the most remote island in Lake Michigan. Beaver Island is 32 miles from the mainland. Our vessels are two subchapter K car ferries. We are proud of our operation and the employees who work for it. Many of our employees are second and third generation. We are a small company with an important job our ferry boats are considered the lifeline to Beaver Island. I took a serious interest in becoming more involved in PVA in 2006. At that time Robin Trinko-Russell was PVA President and among her many accomplishments she strongly encouraged members to take part in PVAs committees as a way to assist our association in moving forward to identify important industry issues and future association leaders. I attended as many regulatory committee and board meetings as I was able and made many new friends along the way. I became Chairman of the regulatory committee in 2008 and also part of the Partnership Action Team with the U.S. Coast Guard. I have learned a great deal from my peers and the leadership of PVA. There is a wealth of knowledge in the association and my company is better off because of our involvement in the PVA. I also encourage you to become involved by par- ticipating in a PVA committee. The PVAAnnual Convention at MariTrends 2016 took place during the Blizzard of 2016. The federal government was shut down for the week and many of our attendees and speakers were tasked with adjusting their travel plans in order to attend our convention. Throughout the con- vention I witnessed an amazing staff and your President Dave Anderson prove how resilient our industry is. Staff worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure all planned activities and presentations were accomplished. Despite the blizzard we had a successful convention. A big thank you goes out to Entertainment Cruises for a lovely cruise onboard the Spirit of Washington along the Potomac River during the closing dinner. I know the staff and crew had to do a lot of shoveling to prepare for the cruise. Even with the government shut down Rear Admiral Paul F. Thomas Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy found his way to the convention to give his pre- sentation on his vision for the future and his concerns with cyber security reduction of our environmental footprint and the growing waterway use and its capacity. The Honorable Chris Hart Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board presented on the ongoing importance of safety. He continues to be concerned with fatigue distractions and automation leading to a lack of skills in all modes of transportation. It is clear these leaders in transportation have a high regard for PVA. PVA has built a relationship through the Partnership Action Team with the U.S. Coast Guard and also has worked with the NTSB on maritime safety-related matters. One of our own industry leaders Bob Shaw gave an enlightening presentation on the Hows and Wise of building great customer service and culture. There were many networking opportunities and round table discus- sions. Our Associate members were available through- out the conference displaying their products and offering many ideas and services. This association is strong because of the dedication of so many members. At this writing I just received word from our PVA staff of the accomplishment of PVAs highest legislative LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Margo Marks LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT CONTINUED ON PAGE 13 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 5 LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR John Groundwater A Great Start to the New Year Last month President Obama signed into law the Coast GuardAuthorizationAct of 2015.As you know this legislation contained the long- sought after amendment which supersedes the previous law mandating one-size-fits-all survival craft for passenger vessel operators. This important victory was the culmination of many years of focused advocacy work by PVA members staff and aligned organizations. Clearly PVAs highest legislative priority this result will save the passenger vessel industry hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenditures. Throughout this process PVAmembers were incredibly supportive. They sent numerous letters to their Members of Congress urging passage of this amendment. They par- ticipated heartily in the PVACongressional Fly-In to ensure that lawmakers and their staff were aware of the facts and the corresponding need for a change in the law. San Francisco operators rallied behind the cause and hosted a meeting with Congressman John Garamendi D-3rd-CA to urge his supportwhich he did. With the encourage- ment of PVA Board member Rich Davison of Honolulu Cruises and Events virtually every PVA vessel member in Hawaii contacted their senators. PVA staff also worked closely with aligned organiza- tions such as the SportfishingAssociation of California and the National Association of Charterboat Operators on this issue to help coordinate communications and maximize impact. Our combined organizations represented thousands of U.S-flagged vessels which would have been negatively affected without immediate change in the law. Throughout this effort PVA has consistently held that the passenger vessel industrys safety record supports the risk-based approach which has been successfully managed by the Coast Guard instead of the one-size-fits-all approach to lifesaving required by Congress in 2010. PVA has also made it clear that out-of-water survival craft is ap- propriate in certain conditions as determined solely by the Coast Guard. Also last month the Coast Guard issued a notice of cancellation for its Policy Letter 15-05 which offered guidance on complying with the 2010 law and stressed that passenger vessel operators may continue to use their existing in-water survival craft as normal. Special thanks must go out to all PVA members who supported this important association activity. A Successful PVA Annual Convention in Washington D.C. Despite a crippling snow storm in Washington D.C. hundreds of PVAmembers gathered for a highly successful PVAAnnual Convention at MariTrends 2016. PVA members benefited from thought- provoking keynote addresses and a strong convention program. This years General Session keynote speakers included Jeanne Grasso Blank Rome Washington DC who kicked off the convention with an interest- ing look at the current politics of Washington while also exploring several issues important to the maritime industry. Rear Admiral Paul Thomas praised PVA members for their strong safety record and pledged to emphasize risk-based decision making in the Coast Guards dealings with industry. Industry expert Bob Shaw conducted a thought- provoking hands-on workshop on Customer Service that kept attendees on the edge of their seats and National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Christopher Hart discussed his priorities for this agency. The MariTrends 2016 exhibit hall was indeed the gathering place for the convention and boasted a full-range of products specifically for passenger vessel operators. A wide range of sessions were held on the exhibit hall including Lunch and Learn roundtable sessions held during the exhibit hall lunch. In addition to the many seminars well-attended mini- conferences were also held. They included the PVA Ferry Conference which explored pressing issues concerning the operation of ferries a brand new PVASales and Marketing Conference which was standing room only the highly popular Green WATERS Conference and the PVA New Technologies Conference which explored exciting reduced and zero emissions propulsion technologies. Special thanks must go to Potomac Riverboat Company for arranging a spectacular Leadership Dinner and private candlelight tour of George Washingtons Mount Vernon. 2015 Membership Successes I am proud to announce that PVA added 50 new companies to its membership ranks in 2015. The excellent work of the PVA Membership Committee and an aggres- sive marketing program touting the many benefits of PVA membership were responsible for this excellent accom- plishment. We look forward to an even stronger year in 2016. In the meantime please me know whenever we can be of assistance to you. Sincerely John R. Groundwater Executive Director n 6 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS CONVENTION REVIEW H undreds of vessel operators attended the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 just outside Washington DC even as one uninvited guest also arrived. Winter storm Jonas made his entrance just as the convention was scheduled to get underway. Undaunted by the challenges wrought by Jonas the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 held January 23-26 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City inArlington VAin sight of the Nations Capital--delivered the usual high-quality educational and networking standards for which PVA and the convention are known albeit a little less traditionally than usual. Educational Opportunities Alive active shooter drill was successfully tackled in a vigorous three- hour discussion led by Bob Lawler Entertainment Cruises and chair of the PVA Safety and Security Committee. The packed room allowed attendees to participate in the presentation. PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 Bests Mother Nature with Successful Meeting By Karen Rainbolt FOGHORN Managing Editor Are You Sure Your Crew Is Ready You need to know that your crew is trained and can do their job safely. Find out how www.MarineLS.comPVA Effectively deliver manage and track training with a learning management system made for the maritime. We give you that visibility. Clockwise Convention general session engages attendees Bob Shaw wins David Clark Excellence in Editorial award Newly elected PVA President Margo Marks. Photos courtesy of Photogenic. THE SCANIA MARINE SOLUTION. Out there confidence in performance reliability and operating economy are the only things that count. With this in mind we created the Scania marine solution An array of flexible products paired with guidance and installation support from Scania. Whatever your specification we will provide you with the optimal Scania marine solution. Power at work every inch of the way. POWER AT WORKEngines for propulsionEngines for auxiliary applications Tailored transmissionsType-approved instrumentation Complete and Committed. 8 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS CONVENTION REVIEW The opening general session featured Jeanne Grasso Blank Rome Washington DC. Grasso who has extensive ex- perience in maritime law and has an impressive history of working with regulators and legislators spoke on the pressing issues facing passenger vessel operators today. She addressed the Coast Guard Authorization Act the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act and touched on ballast water air emissions and the illegal oil discharge by mariners. She em- phasized that reporting incidents is always encouraged because hiding discharges from the author- ities can be a criminal act. Veteran passenger vessel industry consultant Bob Shaw again wowed attendees with a session titled The Hows and Wise of Building Great Culture and Customer Service in which UES SEATING Passenger seats Interior benches Exterior benches Fold up seat Helm seat Bar stool Tub chair Tables Full range of accessories Interior and exterior seating and accessories for any commercial vessel NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart with 2015 PVA President Dave Anderson Convention attendees in a session. 2016 PVA Convention Committee Terry Wirginis left interacts with Gus and Tammy Gaspardo. The one repair conference for all your critical updates The WorkBoat Maintenance Repair Conference and Expo is the only commercial marine event dedicated to helping fleet managers port captains and operators keep vessels in top condition and working hard. Full Day Education Program Exhibit Hall Opening Reception Happy Hours Luncheon Roundtable Discussions Networking Events To exhibit call Chris Dimmerling 800-368-7932 Register now save with this promotion code FOGHORN 800-748-5049 APRIL 12-14 2016 MORIAL CONVENTION CENTER HALL B NEW ORLEANS LA Presented by the organizers of the award winning International WorkBoat Show and WorkBoat magazine Produced by 10 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS CONVENTION REVIEW he shared multiple examples of methods and concepts that vessel operators can employ to create success- ful corporate culture and service. Rear Admiral Paul Thomas Coast Guard Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy presented Coast Guard Mission Vision for the Future where he stressed that the Coast Guard faces three challenges on a daily basis congested waterways reducing the environmental footprint and the increased complexity of operations. He explained how the passenger vessel industry and the Coast Guard interact and how to move forward with these issues. After his presentation the RADM Thomas took questions from the audience and later met with the PVA Board of Directors and staff to discuss how PVA and the Coast Guard can work together for the benefit of all. The Honorable Christopher Hart Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board NTSB addressed PVA members on safety priorities and challenges faced by the NTSB. He touched on cameras on vessels data collection fatigue personal electronic devices and auto- mation and said that in all areas there is room improvement. Post-convention surveys proved once again that the PVA Industry Specific Conferences rate highly for meeting attendees. The PVA Ferry Conference tackled the many aspects of ferry operation management vessel replacement capital construction funding and federal grants safety as well as the work of Interferry. The PVA Green WATERS Conference superbly addressed the complex issues of building and operating zero emission vessels using hydrogen fuel cells and all-electric ferries as well using the online Vessel General Permit reporting system and a brief discussion on eco- friendly practices on a sailing vessel in the Pacific Northwest. The new PVA Sales and Marketing Conference attracted a large enthusi- astic crowd and delivered a phenom- enal program aimed at taking vessel sales and marketing to the next level. And the New Technologies Conference explored emerging propulsion options and the impact of Tier IV engines on vessel design and operations. New Ofcers and Board Members Elected At the annual PVA Business Meeting members elected its new C M Y CM MY CY CMY K SCA0095A Ad - Foghorn Mar2016.pdf 1 1252016 70026 AM The PVA staff did a great job. Job well done. Like the postmanrain snow or sleet--they delivered. John Groundwater PVA Executive Director you should be proud of yourself and your staff. --2016 PVA Convention Attendee MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 11 FOGHORNFOCUS CONVENTION REVIEW Board Officers and a new Board Member to lead the organization in 2016. The new slate of officers is President Margo Marks Beaver Island Boat Company Charlevoix MI Vice President Jeff Whitaker Hudson River Cruises Inc. Kingston NY SecretaryTreasurer Gus Gaspardo Padelford Packet Boat Co. Saint Paul MN And the newest vessel operator to be elected to the PVABoard of Directors is Richard Davison Star of Honolulu Cruises and Events Honolulu HI. A complete PVA Board of Directors and Officers appears on page 3 of this issue of FOGHORN. Awards Two safety awards were conferred on Saturday January 23 by Bob Lawler acting on behalf of the PVA Security and Safety Committee and Rob McMahon President of the Passenger Vessel Foundation. The Roger Murphy National Marine Safety Award was bestowed upon Bob Bijur Island Queen Cruises Miami FL for his role in spear- heading industry days in southern Florida to bring together regulators and waterways stakeholders to address maritime concerns. The Elizabeth Gedney Passenger Vessel Safety Award was presented to Captain Justin Wylie Entertainment Cruises for his quick actions on the night of July 4 2015 that resulted in successfully evacuat- ing seven people including two young children and a pregnant woman from a swamped recreational boat and getting them to safety. The coveted David Clark Excellence in Editorial Awards were presented throughout the convention with the majority being given on Tuesday evening at the PVA Presidents Closing Dinner with Awards Ceremony. Recipients of this award for articles published by FOGHORN Magazine in 2015 are Morgan Hurley Aon Fire Protection Engineering Scott Newman and John Dandeneau Zerve 12 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS CONVENTION REVIEW Complete control and steering systems for vessels of all types and sizes. 1 604572-3935 Surrey BC Canada KOBELT MANUFACTURING CO.LTD. Kevin Maehler U.S. Coast Guard Bob Shaw Passenger Vessel Industry Christina Villiott Elliott Bay Design Group The PVA Convention Committee was recognized for their hard work to develop and deliver the successful meeting. Receiving accolades were Willem Polak Potomac Riverboat Company Charlotte Hall Potomac Riverboat Company John Lake Potomac Riverboat Company John Colburn Potomac Riverboat Company Bob Lawler Entertainment Cruises Bob Cox Port Supply And incoming PVA President Margo Marks honored 2015 PVA President Dave Anderson with an award for his distinguished service to the association as president. Networking Along with the plethora of on-point educational sessions the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends also offered a host of networking opportunities which began on Friday. On Friday evening all attendees were treated to a special welcome reception. The Hyatt Regency served as the venue for this event and allowed PVA membersvessel operators and associatesto talk and catch up since the previous years convention. In addition the exhibit hall housing MariTrends 2016 was the site of three receptions for attendees. Saturday Sunday and Monday evenings brought together all conventioneers for food drinks and conversation. As usual the Passenger Vessel Foundation put the fun in fund- raising in its annual region competi- tion. This year the Foundation put on a show with its unique version of Family Feud which pitted all five PVA regions against each other in a hilarious bout of questions and answers on a variety of subjects. With Alan Bernstein as host and PVA staff Leslie Kagarise and Tamara Callabro judging The chance to network with operators and suppliers is invaluable. We may see each other no more than twice a year but we have made lifetime friends and know where to go for advice when we have an issue. --2016 PVA Convention Attendee MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 13 FOGHORNFOCUS CONVENTION REVIEW answers as correct or not the fun culminated with a win from the PVA Western Region. The Foundation raised 10600 from the event. These monies will be used for training and education- al safety and security training safety awards and educational grants. On Tuesday evening the PVA Presidents Closing Dinner andAwards Ceremony aboard Entertainment Cruises Spirit of Washington provided an opportunity for convention attendees to venture from the Hyatt Regency into Washington DC to enjoy a night out and take in Washington DC nighttime skyline from the river for three hours. A sumptuous buffet a talented DJ and new PVA President Margo Marks speech were highlights of the evening. MariTrends 2016 A major component of the PVA Annual Convention is the trade show MariTrends. This arena allows Associate members and vessel operators to come together to discuss concerns solve problems explore new products services and technologies objective relief from the one-size- fits-all out-of-water survival craft it received final Congressional approval on February 1st. Thank you to everyone staff and members who worked so hard to see this ac- complished. PVA truly looks out for its membership. Thank you for your vote of confidence in electing me as your president. I am excited about the year ahead. I welcome your input comments and of course your support and look forward to working for you to continue the great work of our organization. Very respectfullyVery respectfully Margo Marks President n LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 L Service L Installation L Repair L Testing L Certication Highly Qualified Technicians with Full Credentials Contact Larry Hatch at 757-449-1619 Your Worldwide Marine Elevator Contractor Offshore Rigs Drillships Workboats OSVs Commercial Ships US Government Ships Cruise Ships Mega Yachts as well as renew or establish relation- ships. MariTrends serves an anchor to the convention that provides value to all. Once again MariTrends 2016 was an undeniable success providing a mar- ketplace for PVA members to convene. Satisfaction Success The overwhelming consensus of attendees deemed the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 as one of the best for education networking and exhibition offerings. The post- convention survey makes it official 94 percent of survey respondents stated they were satisfied to very satisfied with the meeting making it an undeni- able success. n 14 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN I love the exchange of ideas and ca- maraderie of PVA. Given our rela- tively small industry we need all operations to be strong as our collec- tive reputation can drive our individual success. Long ago we had made a substan- tial investment unveiling a ship in a new city. A year and a half later we turned to focus groups of users and non-users to see what our customers really thought. The user group was a veritable love fest they loved the sleek new ship the service was fantastic food wonderful and events all seemed to be special. Wow what a glow Then the moderator queried the last partici- pant who had his arms crossed and wore a scowl on his face. He blurted out that the boat was dirty the crew inattentive at best the food bad and the whole experience a rip-off. You could see the energy leaving the room as everyone was stunned by the con- flicting viewpoint and his vehemence. Meekly the moderator asked when he had cruised. It turned out to be five or six years earlier and he hadnt cruised on our ship but on the competitors This revelation was a big deal as we found in the next group the non-users that the competitors poor efforts had essentially poisoned the industrys image. But Ive done this to myself too. One city that we opened could have wonderful cruises but in reality product quality was inconsistent for the first three years. This is univer- sally fatal to shore-side restaurants but fortunately we had high-quality com- petitors so we rode on their reputation coattails. It took us about four years of stellar cruising before our individual reputation rebounded. Our competi- tion gave us a second chance. Hence we need to invest time to make our industry even better. With PVA a rising tide lifts all boats. I love that our marine crews universally work well together and will support competi- tors at the drop of a hat. Once we were locked in a tough sales and marketing battle and had our city leadership team working hard all afternoon really drilling into how to win more market share from Brand X. Imagine my surprise an hour later when I went to a waterfront watering hole and a merry happy hour was well underway with my marine crew and Brand Xs They told me they could fight out sales and marketing stuff but they need to cover each others backs. And they were right. Ive seen my food and beverage teams work closely to help competi- A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats By Bob Shaw Industry Consultant BUSINESSMATTERS MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 15 QUALITY FERRIES FROM THE VIGORKVICHAK TEAM 144-CAR FERRY KVICHAK 400 PASSENGER-ONLY-FERRY 206.545.8485 KVICHAK.COM SALESKVICHAK.COM 1.855.VIGOR99 VIGOR.NET MARINESALESVIGOR.NET About the Author Bob Shaw is a veteran industry executive having led over 100 vessels re- sponsible for over 10 million passengers a year. He can be reached at tors in a pinch and I know my com- petition has bailed me out more times than I deserve. I love going around the country and seeing former young crewmembers now in significant lead- ership positions with local operators. It is satisfying to know the good stuff we do lives on. I even believe you can give anyone your playbook what really matters is how fast you can cycle through it and keep innovating. Good competition can be a great thing. We have lots of stories about competitors fighting our entrance only to be rewarded when we dump seven figures annually on sales and marketing that promotes the whole industry. Just look at how Navy Pier exploded and then the Chicago River with dozens of boats with wonderful reputations. The pie has truly gotten larger for all. While we tend not to want to share sales and marketing informa- tion if only to give our mutual marine teams a good laugh there are ways to cooperate. For years I got together with industry experts outside my market. Each time I learned something new validated my theories got told something my team wouldnt tell me and had some amazing laughs. The recent PVAAnnual Convention at MariTrends 2016 was a surprisingly intimate affair. The record snowstorm created a cocoon effect in the hotel for the attendees. It was a blast to catch up with so many friends and industry leaders which reinforced why we do these conventions. These events build and foster camaraderie which makes it easier to lend that extra hand on the waterfront. It reminded me of my first PVA convention in Hawaii in January 1991. It was surreal for us so far away to watch the start of the Gulf War air campaign. At that long-ago conven- tion so many industry leaders today were kids Bob Lawler was a college student working at Bay State Cruise Company the current owner of Bay State Michael Glasfeld worked on the Bateau London with waterfront characters that spoke with Elizabethan accents courtesy of their heritage as their families had been mariners on the river since the 1500s. Dan Yates was just out of the Navy and business school working with Spirit Marine and Tom DAmato was an energetic food and beverage expert and now a veteran GM in the toughest market New York City. From my experience I offer this advice Lend that extra hand on the waterfront to continue our tradition of the rising tide lifting all boats. Youll find the going better while enhancing your wonderful legacy. n BUSINESSMATTERS 16 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN SPECIALREPORT Navigating your risks day and night. As the owner of a passenger vessel you face tough decisions every day from hiring qualied crew to making sure your vessel is in prime condition. At Aon we spend day and night thinking about your maritime risks so buying insurance doesnt have to be another tough decision. We work with you to develop creative approaches and customized solutions that deliver more efficiencies improved protability and greater value. For more information please call 1.800.730.7053 or visit passengervessel.commember-resources.htmlinsurance Risk. Reinsurance. Human Resources. Navigating your Aon Risk Solutions Marine E very two years the Bureau of Transportation Statistics BTS a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation USDOT conducts the National Census of Ferry Operators NCFO. For the NCFO BTS collects data on existing ferry op- erations including the location and routes served passenger and vehicle boardings and the source of funds derived from federal state or local gov- ernments supporting ferry construction or operations. The NCFO represents the best statis- tical snapshot of ferry transportation in the U.S. It shows how the movement The 2016 National Census of Ferry Operators is Coming Soon By Janine Bonner Bureau of Transportation Statistics of people and vehicles by ferry fits in the national transportation system. As BTS gears up for the 2016 census it is seeking to increase awareness of the census among those in the ferry community both publicly-operated and privately-operated ferries and inform participants of the benefits of providing complete and accurate in- formation. To reduce time and effort in completing the 2016 NCFO BTS will again be pre-filling information on vessel terminal and segment data for those companies that have previously responded to the survey. By responding to the census ferry operators including numerous Passenger VesselAssociation members and riders across the nation may benefit from federal ferry funds issued by the USDOT. The recently enacted Fixing Americas Surface Transportation FAST Act Public Law 114-94 Dec. 4 2015 requires the Federal Highway Administration FHWA to use NCFO data to set the specific formula for allo- cating federal ferry funds. The funding allocations are based on a percentage of the number of passengers vehicles and route miles served thus it is critical that ferry operators submit complete and accurate information for the NCFO so that the FHWA has the most accurate data for funding allocations as defined by law. By providing this information ferry operators may become eligible to receive federal funding for maintaining their infrastructure. If you have questions please email To find out more about the NCFO you can visit httpswww. filessubject_areasncfoindex.html. Be on the lookout for your mailed copy of the 2016 survey coming spring 2016 n Ed Welch PVA Legislative Director contributed to this story. About the Author Janine Bonner is a survey statistician in the Office of Survey Programs at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics OST-R. She can be reached at janine. or 202-366-2468. MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 17 By Peter Lauridsen PVA Regulatory Affairs Consultant REGULATORYREPORT O n February 4 2016 the U.S. Coast Guard issued CG-CVC Policy Letter 16-02 addressing the use of non-metallic sea strainers on inspected small passenger vessels Subchapter K and T. This long-await- ed clarification resulted from a series of events that brought into question the widespread use of non-metallic sea strainers in the raw water systems on those inspected passenger-carrying vessels. A short history of need for the de- velopment of the sea strainer policy spans many years. In 1996 the revised Subchapter T and initial Subchapter K were issued with the adoption of the metallic standard for vital piping systems. This change was not explored during the public comment periods as- sociated with the development of the regulations so the concept of what constituted a system was not defined. Apparently non-metallic sea strainers continued to be installed in newly con- structed vessels as before. Sometime in the 2011-2012 time frame the Marine Safety Center MSC began to call out non-metallic strainers for disapproval during required vessel plan reviews. The rationale was that a vital system was the piping and all appurtenances connected thereto. This denial of approval was called out in a vessel under construction where non-metallic strainers were being installed. The shipbuilder appealed on the basis that the non-me- tallic sea strainers were wanted for their visibility that permitted easy monitor- ing and alerting crew to the need to service them before they led to engine shut down. There was also a cost con- sideration since the non-metallic unit had proved as reliable as the more expensive all metal strainers. Non-metallic strainers had long been used in Subchapter T vessels prior to 1996. The appeal was denied. Sometime afterward a marine inspector required Non-Metallic Sea Strainers 18 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN REGULATORYREPORT replacement of five sea strainers on an existing vessel that had already demon- strated decades of trouble-free service. This requirement was the foundation of questions to Coast Guard Headquarters and the PVACoast Guard Quality Partnership on what would be required of existing vessels and on new vessels where visibility was a paramount need due to sea grass and debris ingestion. The policy letter is our answer. That letter gives guidance for the MSC and the Officer in Charge Marine Inspection OCMI to consider when acceptance of non-metallic sea strainers requested for operational need is proposed by an owner or builder. The policy letter contains operational con- siderations and consensus standards that can be used in judging the appro- priateness of non-metallic sea strainer use. The treatment of existing instal- lations of non-metallic strainers that were perceived to be covered by the all metal regulation since 1996 by the regulatory requirement is expected to be widely accepted under OCMI authority. The policy letter not only repeats industrys testament of trouble free use of non-metallic strainers over decades but uses Coast Guard casualty statistics actually the lack thereof to justify Coast Guard discretion both in approving new and the acceptance of existing installations. Industry also demonstrated that absence of problems in post-engine room fire documenta- tion. Another indication of the expected broad acceptance of existing installa- tions is the absence of an urgent address of the issue over nearly three years of discussion that led to this policy letter. Member experiences concerning the adoption and implementation of this non-metallic sea strainer policy are of interest and should be commu- nicated to the PVA staff. Contact Eric Christensen at 1-800-807-8360 ext 26 or or Peter Lauridsen at 757-495-2545 or See CVC Policy 16-02 letter at httpwww.uscg.milhqcgcvccvc policypolicy_letters.asp. n EASY MANEUVERABILITY Give your passengers a smooth ride with reliable John Deere PowerTech propulsion and generator drive engines. With high torque and low-rated rpm they deliver excellent vessel control and quiet operation. For easy navigation on the water Nothing Runs Like A Deere. JohnDeere.commarine 60 to 559 kW 80 to 750 hp MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 19 By Ed Welch PVA Legislative Director LEGISLATIVEREPORT T he Passenger Vessel Association has accomplished its highest leg- islative priority of recent years. The President signed the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015 on February 8 2016 culminating PVAs successful years-long quest to obtain relief from the one-size-fits-all out-of-water survival craft requirement first enacted by Congress in 2010. If the new law had not been enacted the survival craft mandate would have gone into effect as of February 26. The survival craft relief language is found in section 301 of Public Law 114-120. This provision supersedes the one-size-fits-all survival craft mandate contained in the 210 law. Ever since the 2010 statutes enactment PVA and its allies worked doggedly to get Congress to reconsider its decision. As a result of the new law nearly all PVA vessel operators are relieved of the one-size-fits-all survival craft mandate. Current U.S. Coast Guard regulations specifying the type of survival craft life floats inflatable buoyant apparatus etc. applicable to a specific vessel on a specific route will continue unchanged. In other words a vessel that has been allowed to meet safety rules by the use of life floats will continue to be able to use them while other passenger-carrying vessels currently required to use out-of- water inflatable buoyant apparatus will employ them. Thanks to every PVA member who met with or wrote to Members of Congress in support of the supersed- ing survival craft amendment said PVA President Margo Marks Beaver Island Boat Company Charlevoix MI. This accomplishment demon- strates how PVA members and staff working together with our industry allies can present a compelling case to our lawmakers in support of the safe A Legislative Milestone for PVAQuest for Survival Craft Amendment Succeeds 100 Furuno designed Linux software improves stability reduces virus risk Fully compliant IMO systems 19 23.1 LCD or Black Box ECDIS with user supplied wide glass bridge monitors are available Simple Ethernet connection to FAR2xx7 Radars saving thousands over complex interface kits www.Facebook.comFuruno ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System 20 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN LEGISLATIVEREPORT operations of our industry. Reaction by PVA members was overwhelming positive. Mike Shea of Green Mountain Boat Lines of Burlington VT said This is one of many reasons that I have belonged to PVAfor over 30 years. PVAhas a voice at the table and people listen to what we have to say. Thank you for being my voice in Washington Kudos to several lawmakers who were instrumental in ensuring that the Coast Guard bill included the survival craft amendment. Representatives Duncan Hunter and John Garamendi both of California were instrumen- Increased sales through our multiple low to no cost marketing plans. Decreased operating cost by eliminating redundancy and automating workflow for better efficiency. Flexible management tools to give you the ultimate control over your sales and operations. DESTINATION MANAGER THE COMPLETE SALES AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Formally Virtual Ticketer No Risk Free Trial Tim Eversole Director of Sales and Support Tel 504 840-9800 X 113 Toll Free 877 265-3521 X 113 Cell 859 652-9885 YOUR COMPLETE TICKETING SOLUTION. Michael Brydon Director of Sales and Support Tel 504 840-9800 X 101 Toll Free 877 265-3521 X 101 Cell 504 914-7334 Gordon Stevens President CEO New Orleans Steamboat Company Gray Line Tours We have been using the Virtual Ticketer for six years and have been extremely pleased with the product software and service. We give this reservation system our very highest recommendation. ................................................................................................. Hugh Mackenzie General Manager Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises and Trolley The advantage with Ticketer is that its client based. This allows us to provide a customer multiple events packages or services all under one reservation which has contributed to our success. ......................................................................................... Rose M. Christian Treasurer Native Son Ferry The Virtual Ticketer has increased our revenues with new sales capabilities and has helped us better manage our company by streamlining our operations. Increased sales through our multiple low to no cost marketing plans. Decreased operating cost by eliminating redundancy and automating workflow for better efficiency. Flexible management tools to give you the ultimate control over your sales and operations. DESTINATION MANAGER THE COMPLETE SALES AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Formally Virtual Ticketer No Risk Free Trial Tim Eversole Director of Sales and Support Tel 504 840-9800 X 113 Toll Free 877 265-3521 X 113 Cell 859 652-9885 YOUR COMPLETE TICKETING SOLUTION. THE VIRTUAL TICKETER tal in crafting the original amendment in the House of Representatives. Also playing key roles were Representatives Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey and Andy Harris of Maryland. In the U.S. Senate PVAs advocates included Senators Roger Wicker of Mississippi Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson of Florida and Senator John Thune of South Dakota. In addition Senator Diane Feinstein of California who had some questions about the provision as originally drafted was willing to work cooperatively with PVA to develop adjusted language that addressed her concern without diminishing the relief sought by passenger vessel operators. As part of its advocacy campaign with legislators PVA emphasized that it does not object to the requirement for passenger vessels to carry out-of-water survival craft in cold-water regions and on appropriate routes. In fact many PVA vessels already use inflatable buoyant apparatus IBAs. However the one-size-fits-all mandate could not be justified. A regulatory system based on a reasoned analysis of risk is the proper way to go and it should be the Coast Guard with its expertise in marine operations not Congress that performs the risk assessment. It is awkward to speak of finances when the safety of human life is concerned but the costs of replacing life floats with IBAs and in many instance multiple IBAs would have been sub- stantial. According to the Coast Guard in its August 2013 report to Congress entitled Survival Craft Safety protection of passengers can be ensured on many inspected vessels by the continued use of life floats along with the many other safety regulations that apply. Thus the installation of out-of-water IBAs would not have a meaningful impact on safety for these particular vessels. Ever since the enactment of the 2010 law which occurred over PVAs vigorous objections PVA had been urging Congress to reconsider that decision. The first success came in 2012 when Congress told the Coast Guard to provide a report on the pros and cons of the one-size-fits-all out-of- MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 21 LEGISLATIVEREPORT water survival craft law at the same time it delayed the effective date of the 2010 law which was originally set for January 1 2015. During the 2013-2014 term of Congress the House of Representatives first voted for the survival craft relief amendment but at the last minute the lame duck Senate was unable to approve it before adjournment. PVA renewed its efforts in the current 114th Congress and the House again approved the relief language as part of the first version of the Coast Guard bill H.R. 1987 on May 16 2015. On December 10 the House approved a new version of the Coast Guard bill H.R. 4188 again with the survival craft amendment. The Senate waited until its very last item of business before going home for the holidays but on December 18 it approved a modified version of the bill. This necessitated that the House approve the Senate version of H.R. 4188 accomplished by voice vote on February 1 2106. Scores of PVA members were enlisted as part of the advocacy campaign. Ferry operators in San Francisco Bay had a productive in-person meeting with Representative Garamendi in early 2014. The par- ticipants in PVAs Legislative Fly-In in the spring of 2015 stressed this issue in their meetings on Capitol Hill. This event led to the enlistment of Senator Wicker of Mississippi as our staunch- est proponent in that body. Dozens of members wrote personalized letters to their home-state Senators. Without this grass roots activism by PVA members it is hard to see how success would have been achieved. Thanks to all The effort to amend the survival craft law attracted several other organi- zations. The informal alliance included PVA the National Association of Charterboat Operators the Sportfishing Association of California the Golden Gate Fishermans Association the Maryland Charter Boat Association the Ilwaco WA Charter Association and the National Party Boat Owners Alliance. Each Feb 1 2012 Run a group played an important role in the lobbying effort. On February 17 2016 the U.S. Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Information Bulletin 02-16 entitled Cancellation of CVC Policy Letter 15-05 Requirements for Out-of-Water Survival Craft. The new MSIB notes that the previous policy letter outlining a three-step compliance scheme has been rendered obsolete as a result of Public Law 114-120. It explains that nearly all inspected passenger-carry- ing vessels may continue to use their existing in-water survival craft beyond February 26 2016. In addition it makes clear that the Coast Guard will continue to reauthorize or extend type approval certificates for life floats and other in-water survival craft. n 22 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN SAFETYMATTERS By Eric Christensen Director of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management This Safety Alert is provided for informa- tional purposes only and does not relieve any domestic or international safety opera- tional or material requirement. Questions should be forwarded to the Coast Guard Navigation Center at 703-313-5900 or via email using the NAVCEN website http D o you know what equipment relies upon the U.S. Global Positioning System GPS signal How would you respond if you lost the signal This past summer multiple outbound vessels from a non-U.S. port suddenly lost GPS signal reception. The net effect was various alarms and a loss of GPS input to the ships surface search radar gyro units and Electronic Chart Display Information System ECDIS resulting in no GPS data for position fixing radar over ground speed inputs gyro speed input and loss of collision avoidance capabilities on the radar display. Fortunately the vessels were able to safely continue their voyage using radar in heads up display magnetic compass and terrestrial navigation. Approximately 6nm later the vessels GPS units resumed operation.Although the vessels had back-up systems to allow a safe transit the consequences could have been severe. These types of events highlight the potential detri- mental impact to navigation caused by GPS interference or jamming and the importance in understanding how your vessels or facilitys equipment could be impacted by a loss of GPS signal. Whether walking through the city driving across town or navigating the world Global Navigation Satellite Systems GNSS have become an integral part of everyday life. However at times the positioning signals may be impacted by interference from both natural and human-made sources. The most common types of interference are reception issues usually due to bad in- stallations poor antenna positioning or Global Navigation Satellite Systems Trust But Verify and Report Disruptions MARINE GROUP B o a t w o r k s Marine Group Boat Works is the finest California boatbuilder and repairer of steel and aluminum high-speed ferries catamarans and passenger vessels up to 220 feet-long.Operating two shifts six days per week for fast turnarounds and minimized vessel time 619 621-2220 NEXT GENERATION TAKINGPASSENGER VESSELSTOTHE Nowupgradingthe M.V.GeminiandtheM.V.Intintoli MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 23 SAFETYMATTERS POWERFUL FLEXIBLE INTUITIVE. Learn more at Online Mobile Reservations Ferry Ticketing and Tour Management Customized for your business and designed around your brand 415.431.5520 Improve your operating efficiency Modify trips and reservations from anywhere Completely eliminate overbooking View detailed sales and passenger reports Increase customer satisfaction Let customers see real-time trip availability before they book Send automated email reminders and directions Let customers book from their computer smartphone or iPad Completely web-based Nothing to install. Use it At home At the office On your laptop On your smartphone On your iPad At the dock Free setup training and ongoing support Fully hosted and managed 247 Personal U.S.-based account reps Increase sales Let customers see real-time availability and book online 247 Let hotel concierges book trips for their patrons Integrate with Facebook Twitter and Trip Advisor Add new customers to your email marketing lists automatically Accept Groupon and Living Social vouchers Offer promotions and discounts on your terms MOST VESSEL OPERATORS CAN USE STARBOARD SUITE FOR FREE faulty equipment. Jamming devices httpstransition.fcc.govebjam- merenforcementfccdhssj.pdf while illegal in the U.S. and a threat to safety have been used for nefarious or deceptive purposes. Interference can also be unintentionally caused when operating GNSS in close proximity to other radiating devices such as amplified TV antennas see our Safety Alert 11-02. Therefore it is important to remember to use all available means for navigation and maintain proficiency so you can still navigate should your primary GPS fail. Indicators of positioning systems interference include an intermit- tent signal no signal or an incorrect signal. Suspected or suspicious dis- ruptions should be reported immedi- ately. Critical information to take note of during a disruption event includes location time and period of outage. Commercial operators are reminded should your navigation or other equipment onboard e.g. AIS be impaired as a result of a disrup- tion or interference this should be reported to the nearest U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port District Commander or Vessel Traffic Center as soon as possible and await further directions per 33 CFR 164.53. All operators should be aware vigilant and immediately report GPS disruptions to the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center NAVCEN. The report will be disseminated to the U.S. Air Force GPS Operations Center and the Federal Aviation Administration in an attempt to identify the problem and correlate with any other GPS incidents in the same general geo- graphic location. Depending on the severity of the report NAVCEN may refer it to law enforcement andor other federal agencies for further in- vestigation. Reporting a disruption or other navigation hazards or aids to navigation outages is simple and can be done electronically - the preferred method or phone call to the NAVCEN 703-313-5900 24 hours a day. n April 12-13 2016 Mid-Atlantic Waterways Conference Norfolk Waterside Marriott Norfolk VA April 26 2016 PVA Congressional Fly-In Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria Alexandria VA PVA CALENDAR January 29 - February 1 2017 PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2017 Washington State Convention Center Seattle Washington For more information go to SitePagescalendar.html 24 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN HOW PVA BENEFITS YOU By Jen Wilk Director Public Affairs and Development PVA Working For You P VAs committees advance the work of the association members from all segments and from all over the country volunteer their time and expertise tackling industry-wide issues and trends. These committees met at the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 in January to work on important projects to benefit the PVA membership and the industry at large. PVA Safety and Security Committee The PVA Safety and Security Committee led by Co-Chairs Bob Lawler Entertainment Cruises and Michael McElroy Wendella Sightseeing Boats have been working on a variety of initiatives. The chartered working groups in partnership with the Coast Guard are studying the challenges as- sociated with mitigating slips trips and falls as well as engine automa- tion controls and working to develop best practices. The group that focused on refining transient fire-load policy completed their work to create safe solution for all stakeholders. The Committee was also hosting an active shooter exercise at the Convention to evaluate emergency preparedness and crisis management procedures. PVA Regulatory Committee Chaired by Gus Gaspardo Paddleford Packet Boat Co. the PVA Regulatory Committee has been evaluating the Coast Guards Marine Casualty Navigation Vessel Inspection Circular NVIC. Providing clarifi- cation and guidance to the field this document addresses many important areas including the differences between 2570 Beverly Dr. 128 Aurora IL 60502 T 630.236.3500 CENTA Power trAnsmIssIon LeADIng By InnovAtIon USA based production Over 20 unique designs Over 16 million sold Torsional vibration experts Trust CENTA The Global Innovator Since 1970 CENTALINK Carbon Fiber Driveshafts Innovative flexible couplings for marine applications As a leader in passenger vessel design stability assessments and refurbishments our vessels are not only beautiful theyre also safe and efficient to operate while producing maximum profitability for owners. To bring Jensen on board for your next passenger vessel design or build contact us at 206.332.8090 or visit our website at Passenger Vessel Designs OPtimizeD fOr PrOfitability MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 25 HOW PVA BENEFITS YOU HSCCODEANNEX10 ISO90012008 The most versatile safe and light weight seats are now... Cancun Seat an intentional and unintentional grounding. However the committee is giving Coast Guard feedback on areas that could use some improvement such as further clarifying operational controls. The committee is seeking input from PVA members to gauge implemented in the field and areas for further refinement. The committee also recently submitted comments to Coast Guard on the non-metallic sea strainer policy. PVA Legislative Committee The Legislative Committee under the leadership of its Chair Charles Moser EUP Transportation Authority has started planning the annual PVA Congressional Fly-In. Scheduled for April 26 2016 this event will provide the opportunity for PVA members to sit down with their Senators and Representatives and their key staff on Capitol Hill to discuss issues that are important to their businesses. Last year these meetings were instrumen- tal in building Congressional support particularly in the Senate for the amendment changing the out-of-water survival craft law. The committee en- courages any PVA members to attend this event. L o o k i n g f o r w a rd t h e P VA Legislative Committee evaluated and set strategic priorities for PVAs advocacy efforts for the coming year including supporting allied groups in advancing the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act to provide relief from some of the elements of the Vessel General Permit. PVA Membership Committee Chaired by Suzanne Krug and Hannah Roth both with the Gateway Clipper Fleet the PVA Membership Committee is actively working to grow the association. The committee is energized and focused on reaching more prospect members. In 2015 the PVAMembership Committee met their goal and brought 50 new members into the association 30 vessel and 20 associate. To continue this impres- sive growth trajectory the committee is exploring several new outreach initiatives including new marketing materials free-trial membership and flipping exit survey feedback into positive benefits. Additionally the PVA Membership Committee met with the PVA Insurance Committee under the new leadership of Chair Terri Bernstein BB Riverboats to partner with the goal of increasing participation in the insurance program and promoting membership as well. Join a Committee Ifyouareinterestedinlearningmore about serving on a PVA Committee feel free to contact me at 1-800-807- 8360 ext. 24 or jwilkpassenger n 26 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN MEMBERNEWS The SS Badger operated by Lake Michigan Carferry Ludington MI is officially an historic landmark. On February 18 the U.S. Department of the Interior designated the vessel which was first placed in service in 1953 as a National Historic Landmark. The Badger is according to the U.S. National Park Services announcement the last remaining example of the Great Lakes railcar ferry design that influ- enced the design of such ferries around the world and is the last Great Lakes car ferry to remain in operation. We were very excited to learn that the designation of the Badger as a National Historic Landmark Designation has been confirmed. This recognition is a very special honor for the Badger all of her employees and Badger is Listed as a National Historic Landmark for the port cities of Ludington MI and Manitowoc WI. stated Don Clingan Executive Vice President and Partner of Lake Michigan Carferry. Today the Badger offers cross-lake passenger service on the Great Lakes and an authentic steamship experience. The four-hour 60-mile cruise carries up to 600 passengers 180 autos RVs tour buses motorcycles bicycles and com- mercial trucks across Lake Michigan between Ludington and Manitowoc on 450 crossings per season. Initially the 410-foot vessel was designed to carry railcars but also served as a car ferry. The first open- water crossing on which railcars were carried onboard occurred on Lake Michigan. For nearly a century railroad car ferries extended rail lines across three of the Great Lakes especially Lake Michigan. During that period the difficulty of arranging trackage rights on roads the distance around the southern end of the lake and con- gestion in the rail yards at Chicago all made the transport of railcars across the lake a more efficient and efficient and economical alternative. In 1991 under the direction of Charles Conrad the Badger was repurposed as an auto passenger ferry after being sidelined for a year from the rail service. National Historic Landmarks NHLs are resourcesbuildings sites structures objects and districtsthat illustrate the nations heritage and represent an aspect ofAmerican history and culture. n MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 27 MEMBERNEWS It probably came to no surprise to anyone who knew Captain Richard Goben Hornblower Cruises and Events San Diego CA that he was selected as the rst-ever recipient of the Roger Murphy National Marine Safety Award in 2003. Like fellow Californian Roger Murphy Rich Goben was passionate about safety in the maritime industry and shared his love of working on the waterways by expounding the virtues of safety management for crew and passengers alike. It was with great sadness that we learned that Rich lost his life after a month-long battle with pneumonia on January 25 2016. Rich shared his expertise and insight throughout the passenger vessel industry in a variety of ways. He had been operating passenger vessels since 1978 and was Port Captain for Hornblower in San Diego. He was an active member of the PVA Safety and Security Committee. Rich was a xture at both the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends and PVA Region Meetings. He also wrote several articles on safety and security for FOGHORN Magazine which earned him the David Clark Excellence in Editorial Award in 2014. Known as a Captains Captain Rich Goben accumulated vast expe- rience over his lifetime. He taught sailing while attending the University of California San Diego and received his rst Coast Guard license. He ran classic sail and power passenger vessels for many years. During his college days Richard had articles and photographs published by magazines such as SAIL and SEA. In the 1980s he participated in the 1983 Americas Cup Challenge as navigator for Dennis Conners Freedom Campaign B-team and ran the spy weather boat during the actual races off Newport Rhode Island. In 1984 Rich began crewing on the 1863 Barque Star of India for the San Diego Maritime Museum. In 1996 he served as Mate then in 1998 became Master of The Star which is the worlds oldest active sailing ship and the only Class A sailing vessel known to not have an engine. When Hornblower bought Invader Cruises in 1990 Rich joined the company later becoming the operations Facility and Vessel Security Ofcer. He held a Masters license for power steam and sail vessels of 1600 tons Inland Mate and 500 tons Ocean Master. He was also certied as Able Seaman Unlimited. Richard is survived by his wife Carolyn his mother Virginia Goben who resides in Virginia and his two sisters and brothers-in-law. A Celebration of Life is scheduled for April 2nd onboard the museums ferryboat Berkeley where he will be remembered with friends and family. His ashes will be scattered at sea from the Star of India on a future sailing. The family requests that donations be made In Memory of Captain Richard Goben to the Maritime Museum. All donations should be earmarked For Star of India Deck Repairs and mailed to Maritime Museum of San Diego 1492 N. Harbor Drive San Diego CA 92101. n PVA BIDS FAREWELL TO HORNBLOWERS CAPTAIN RICHARD GOBEN 1 920.686.5117 burgerboat.comcommercial LUCIA Delivered June 24 2015 89 27m Steel Passenger Vessel Proudly built in the USA Burger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service. Quality Commercial Vessels... Built by Burger to Your Requirements Aluminum and Steel Fabrication Passenger Vessels Research Vessels Fast Crew Boats Fast Supply Boats Wind Farm Support Vessels Fishing Vessels Other Vessels to 260 80m 28 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN MEMBERNEWS Maintenance Management Program Cloud Based - Access from any Device with any browser Maintenance - Inventory - Documentation Intuitive User Interface Flagship Integration Turnkey Setup w w w . W h e e l H o u s e T e c h . c o m - 9 7 8 - 5 6 2 - 5 2 1 1 Foghorn_March_2015.indd 1 2202015 34342 PM On March 1 the Coast Guards new AIS carriage rule went into effect. Are you covered by it If so might you be able to request a waiver deviation The rule states that in order for many but not all passenger-carrying vessels to operate they must install Automatic Identification System AIS units. For a seasonal operator whose business opens later in the spring the effective date of the rule is when vessel operations resume. Affected vessels include 1 every passenger vessel with a capacity for 150 or more and 2 every passenger vessel regard- less of capacity that is 65 feet or more in length and that is in commercial service. Most affected passenger vessels must use a Class A AIS but the less expensive less capable Class B AIS is Waivers May be Available from New AIS Carriage Rule an option if the vessel is 65 feet or more in length and has a passenger capacity of less than 150 and if it doesnt operate in a VTS zone and if its speed does not exceed 14 knots. You may be able to obtain a 5-year deviation waiver of the AIS require- ment from the local Coast Guard Captain of the Port. Deviations may be granted in limited circumstances such as 1 the vessel is not likely to encounter another AIS-equipped vessel 2 the vessel operates on a short voyage less than one nautical mile on a fixed schedule such as a bank-to- bank river ferry 3 the vessel operates in a very confined area such as less than one nautical mile radius or 4 the vessels design or construction no elec- trical power exposed or open cabin submersible makes it impracticable to operate an AIS device. Several PVA members have already applied for and received a deviation. A template for a deviation request later can obtained by contacting PVA Headquarters. It must be fleshed out to address your vessels individual cir- cumstances. If you submit a request to your Captain of the Port for an AIS deviation please share a copy of that letter with PVA staff. Originally the Coast Guard proposed that the AIS carriage rule apply to any vessel with a passenger capacity of 50. PVA challenged that proposal and pointed out that the Coast Guards required cost-benefit ratio could not support such an expansive rule. As a result the Coast Guard had to produce a new cost-benefit evalu- ation resulting in the increase in the passenger capacity threshold to 150 and causing the final rule to be postponed for a number of years. During this time the price of AIS units dropped markedly. See the AIS regulation Section 164.46 of title 33 Code of Federal Regulations at Questions Contact Ed Welch Eric Christensen or Jen Wilk at PVA Headquarters at 1-800-807-8360 exten- sions 27 26 and 24 respectively. n MARCH 2016 FOGHORN 29 NEWSWIRE Awarding scholarship grants to individuals and non-profits within the maritime industry since 1994 the Passenger Vessel Foundation PVF has reached 100000 in cumulative funding from 2009 through 2016 with its 2016 award distribution. The PVF Scholarship program promotes profession- alism safety and opportunity within the field for those individuals currently employed or who wish to become employed in the segment of maritime service represented by U.S. domestic passenger vessels. Grants are awarded with a focus on educational assistance research training and the improvement of safety within the maritime industry. Were proud to be able to be a steady source of support for the hardworking individuals and organi- zations that will make our maritime industrys future stronger safer and more secure said Robert McMahon PVFs President and Chairman of the Board. Recipients have voiced their appreciation for PVFs support. With my PVF scholarship award I attended a USCG-approved course in vessel company and facility security. I am grateful for PVFs support in improving my understanding of this vital topic as well as making me a more educated trainer for my captains and crew noted Stephen Deschenes Operations Manager Boston Harbor Cruises. The Passenger Vessel Foundation is a 501c3 chari- table organization dedicated to supporting the future leaders of the passenger vessel industry. This organiza- tion awards scholarship grants for continuing education training research and programs that enhance the safety of the industry. In addition to its scholarship mission PVF is dedicated to rewarding high quality merchant mariners for U.S.- flagged passenger vessels through an award program for passenger vessel employees who demonstrate excel- lence in safety and security marine crew training videos and manuals produced in cooperation with the Passenger VesselAssociation and programs of public awareness that address the issues of concern to the industry including but not limited to environmental business and maritime issues. For more information or to donate to the tax-deducta- ble Foundation visit n Foundations Scholarship Award Total Reaches High-Water Mark of 100K Put Your Fleet at Your Fingertips gplink_halfpage.indd 1 1142015 33702 PM 30 MARCH 2016 FOGHORN NEWSWIRE Fast Page Loads Streamlined Checkout Multiple Account Sign-Ons Improved Search Quick Order Easy Invoice Look-up Requisition Lists Over 85000 products for your business 28 regional distribution centers Same-day van delivery 260 stores The most-knowledgeable and seasoned sales representatives in the industry Your 247 destination thats packed with the features you need to get the most out of your time and money. All backed by the power of Port Supply. 1-800-621-6885 or visit Increased Inventory Availability ADVERTISERSINDEX Let MCM manage your insurance so you can focus on your voyage MCM is a leading independent insurance brokerage based in the Pacific Northwest. Our marine practice group has more than 100 years of combined experience placing insurance and managing the marine industrys unique risks. Whether were working with vessel operators builders repair facilities or suppliers we create specialized solutions that meet each clients needs. EMpLoyEE BEnEfits ExECutivE BEnEfits REtiREMEnt pLans insuRanCE advisoRy pRopERty CasuaLty Contact Damon L. Nasman at 206 262-6375 or email PVA Congressional Fly-In Set for April 26 in Washington DC Presidential hopefuls are all over the news. Now its your turn to be seen and heard in Washington DC to explain the importance of the passenger vessel industry. The annual PVA Congressional Fly-In will be held on April 26. This is a valuable opportunity to share your concerns in the halls of Congress about the commercial maritime industry. Each year PVAmembers and PVAstaff visit select representatives in the Senate and House of Representatives to discuss areas of concern that directly impact the passenger vessel industry. In past years the one-size-fits-all out-of-water survival craft issue was raised with key Congressional leaders and their staff a worthwhile investment in time as on February 8 President Obama signed into law the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015 with includes the survival craft amendment that PVA and its membership has advocated for. Make plans to attend this critical event and be a part of the legisla- tive process that impacts the passenger vessel industry. Register today at httpwww.passengervessel.comSitePagescongressional- fly-in.html or contact PVAs Legislative Director Ed Welch at 1-800- 807-8360 x 27 or n April 26 2016 ALEXANDRIA VA Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria PVA CONGRESSIONAL FLY-IN ABS Americas..................11 All American Marine.........18 Aon Risk Management......16 Arthur J. Gallagher Co...19 Blount Boats Inc..............17 Burger Boat Company.......27 Breaux Brothers................26 Carus AB Ltd....................21 Centa Corporation............24 DBC Marine - Survitec.......10 Dejong and Lebet.............29 Delaware Elevator Inc......13 Driveline Service of Portland Inc.................28 Freedman Seating Company.........................25 Furuno USA Inc...............19 GPLINK LLC......................29 Hamilton Jet.....................12 HUMPHREE USA LLC......17 Jensen Maritime Consultants......................24 John Deere Power Systems.18 Kobelt..............................12 Marine Group Boat Works.22 Marine Learning Systems.....6 MCM..............................30 Metal Shark Aluminum Boats................25 MOPS.............................26 Motor Services Hugo Stamp.....................32 MTU................................31 Port SupplyWest Marine..30 Scania USA.......................7 Springfield Group.............13 Starboard Suite................23 Trans4media....................11 Twin Disc Inc.....................2 UES Seating.......................8 Vigor Industrial.................15 Virtual Ticketing Solutions..20 VT Halter Marine................6 WheelHouse Technologies Inc..............28 Workboat Maintenance Repair Conference...........9 Zerve..............................14 Partnering for success. Your business is our business. 800-622-6747 EPA 3 Configuration Displacement Weight lbs Medium Duty P3 Heavy Duty P2 Heavy Duty P2 Continuous Duty P1 12M26.3 12 cyl 31.8 liters 7496 1650mhp 2300rpm 1500mhp 2200rpm 1400mhp 2100rpm 1200mhp 1800rpm 6M26.3 6 cyl 15.9 liters 3935 815mhp 2100rpm 750mhp 2100rpm 700mhp 2100rpm 600mhp 1800rpm Moteurs Baudouin designs and manufactures modern electronic common rail marine engines meeting US EPA Tier 3 emissions with its 26.3 engine line. POWER YOUR SUCCESS 12 M26.3 6 M26.3 Motor-Services Hugo Stamp Inc. is the exclusive Baudouin engine distributor for North and Central America the Caribbean and the north coast of South America. For additional engine information call 1 954-763-3660 or email or visit Motor-Services Hugo Stamp Inc. Authorized Distributor and Service Center Crank Case Inspection Hatches Easy Access To All Service Points Standard Oil Centrifuge For Extended Oil Change Intervals Individual Cylinder Heads 32000 Hours Before Overhaul P1 Rating 24000 Hours Before Overhaul P2 Rating M26.3 The New Marine Power