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OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 19 REGULATORYREPORT probably sufficient to provide the information or guidance you seek. If not you may be referred to another PVA staff member or your informa- tion and question will be passed in- ternally. That decision is often based on the immediate availability of the other staff member or the complexity of the information you provided. For longer more involved issues it is best that the staff person hear directly from the information provider. Again that simple referral alone may produce the desired information and the member is satisfied. If your issue is complex or poten- tially an issue of greater import i.e. regional or national implications the staff will jointly assume the respon- sibility for answering your need. It is this ad hoc focus grouping that starts to form the needed response and build awareness across all the staff responsibilities. At this point or proximate to this point the appropriate Coast Guard personnel may be called for reference or background. A decision without all of the available information may fail. Understanding the Coast Guard reasoning and actions means a more complete analysis of the problem and potential solutions. Generally those calls will be made to policy people at the appropriate level. Calls to su- pervisory Coast Guard officials at the sector or the involved individual inspector will not under normal cir- cumstances be made without your knowledge and agreement. PVAs involvement is always as an inter- ested third party representing the interests of all members and their standing with regulators and leg- islators. We are not experts in the employ of the member operating with the authority of and on behalf of an individual member. PVA staff must always be seen for our overall objectivity if we are to be credible representatives of our industry with those who legislate regulate or deal with us. This initial group activity may result in an answer but more likely will result in calling the member into the group by email or confer- ence call. The goal here is to counsel The PVA staff is small experienced and knowledgeable on most issues especially with current ongoing or frequently addressed topics.