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OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 15 FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY Oshore support vessels Passenger ferries Naval Military vessels steward on Hornblower ships and held virtually every position including San Francisco General Manager and now is Vice President of just about everything for the parent company. Scott Thornton started as a bartender got his captains license and now is VPGM of the best customer-focused operation I have ever seen at Alcatraz Cruises. We have owners too in this mix Michael Glasfeld was a deckhand and now leads Bay State Cruise Company. Dan Yates was fresh out of the Navy and grad school when he started in his first business job at Spirit Marine. And I bet each of you have your own awesome examples. Chucks focus on growing his team was one of the three most important business tenets I ever learned. If interested the first is creating a service system to define your organizations culture and the third concerns monthly communication and accountability a topic suitable for another column. Over time by focusing on growing from within I came to realize and believe that our companies already have everyone needed to be successful in the future. These seeds are our mighty future oaks. Often crew would ask me what the future was going to be like. For an op- erations guy always immersed in the chaos of the daily here and now that was a difficult question. But the best predictor of future performance is past performance. By investing daily in everyone around you you secure your future with the blossoming of your team. n About the Author Bob Shaw is a veteran industry executive having led over 100 vessels responsible for over 10 million passengers a year. He can be reached at