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14 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY W e all know that the same word means different things to different people. In the military we like to illuminate the differences between the services through a joke that describes how each branch interprets the command to secure a building. When a sailor secures a building they inspect each room turn off the lights lock all the doors and go home. A soldier secures a building by erecting concertina wire guard towers searchlights and checkpoints. A Marine secures a building by storming through these defenses me- thodically clearing all rooms and hoisting a flag over the building. Finally an airman secures a building by taking out a five-year lease with an option to purchase. For me personally security is first and foremost how to preserve today to ensure a bright future tomorrow. And the answer must address how your organization builds a team of future leaders. Secure your Future by Investing in Your Team By Bob Shaw Industry Consultant Expert Boat Builders Steel Aluminum Construction 360331-5500 x 311 I learned the hard way that when sales are going well a company has a shot at achieving other goals. However when sales are slow everything else can be in peril. And so the natural reaction when you lose your top sales person is to panic and start an external search for an outside top sales dog. Pretty quickly things unravel there is widespread disagreement on what you are looking for our industry is unique where you find them how you screen them and so forth. Eventually you are seduced and excited by the prospective hire they are good sales people after all but the cold reality is that they want 15-20 percent more compensation than the former star and come with a host of other special conditions and exceptions. You gulp and take the deal then the double secret compensation package leaks out to the rest of your crew your new sales maestro wants to change all your business processes what do you mean I have to board the group or why do I have to worry about accounts receivables and mutual frustration leads to a mutual quickie divorce between both parties in about six months. My head hurts just remembering all the times I did this. Chuck Johnson was the most disciplined sales executive in the business and was totally dedicated to 100 percent internal promotions. You say it cant be done Hed say you had to be committed to growing everyone in the company to secure your future. The military has done an awesome job with 100 percent internal promo- tions. Disney would say the right number is two-thirds internal promotions and one-third external hires to get new ideas percolating in your organization. Looking beyond the numbers the shared knowledge is that inter- nally-promoted people are successful because they are loyal know the organization in and out are ambidex- trous and are supported by all others. Chuck would point to the hundreds of amazing examples in our industry. Dan Leaman started out as a food and beverage guy from Michigan State a dozen years ago and now General Manager for one of Entertainment Cruises most challenging operations in Washington D.C. Bob Lawler was a deckhand for Bay State Cruise Company while in college and now is the Vice President of Marine Operations for Entertainment Cruises. On the west coast Annabella Stagner was a