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10 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY in advance so that you know what to expect in a real situation. We have volunteered our vessels for use by these groups for training often training alongside them. Normally fire response in our bay is done by the San Diego Harbor Police when we are underway. Therefore I encourage and invite them to do some of their fire training onboard our ships. Also many of the other law enforcement responders have trained on how to gain access to vessels while underway by using our boats. Last year we did an active shooter exercise where we allowed respond- ers to shoot simulation rounds and other training devices aboard. It was a valuable event dealing with an unimaginable situation but one that should not be ignored. I encourage vessel operators to engage their local responders and offer to work with them. These entities have training and drill require- ments also and are usually happy to gain credit with a joint exercise or drill. And if your vessels are required to operate under a security plan you can make sure to meet your own annual requirement at the same time. Here is the big payoff It helps agencies to have alternate training venues and it helps vessel operators because if something were ever to happen they have already been onboard and they know our boats. What a win-win for everyone n ALL OTHER FERRIES ARE MISSING ONE VERY IMPORTANT PART. OUR NAME. About the Author Captain Richard Goben Hornblower San Diego Port Captain and Vessel Facility Security Officer is the first recipient of the Roger Murphy National Marine Safety Award and serves on the PVA Safety and Security Committee. He has presented at the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends is a recipient of the David Clark Excellence in Editorial Award and has written articles for FOGHORN on safety and security concerns.