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POWER AT WORK Capt. Pete built by Pan Isles Inc. powered by twin Scania 16-liter V8 engines Gulfport MS Complete and Committed. THE SCANIA MARINE SOLUTION. Out there confidence in performance reliability and operating economy are the only things that count. With this in mind we created the Scania marine solution An array of flexible options including ratings equipment instrumentation and transmissions. Whatever your specification we will provide you with the optimal Scania marine solution. Power at work every inch of the way. NortheastGreat Lakes Mack Boring Parts Co. 908-964-0700 Northwest Western Canada Cascade Engine Center 206-764-3850 Southeast Kraft Power 800-394-0078 Southwest Boatswains Locker 949-642-6800 Gulf Coast NRE Power Systems 504-393-7272 CentralEastern Canada ADF Diesel 800-517-1489 DISTRIBUTORS PASSENGER VESSEL ASSOCIATION tel 1 800 807-8360 fax 703 518-5151 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 3 Volume 14 Number 9 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN USPS Number 023-702 is published monthly except combined JanuaryFebruary by Philips Publishing LLC 2201 West Commodore Way Seattle WA 98199. Periodicals postage paid at Seattle WA and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER Send address changes to FOGHORN co Passenger Vessel Association 103 Oronoco Street Suite 200 Alexandria VA 22314. Copyright 2015 by the Passenger Vessel Association. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of the Passenger Vessel Association. PRINTED WITH SOY INK FOGHORN Focus FOGHORN is a monthly publication of the Passenger Vessel Association. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. President Dave Anderson Fire Island Ferries Bay Shore NY Vice-President Margo Marks Beaver Island Boat Company Charlevoix MI Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Whitaker Hudson River Cruises Inc. Kingston NY Board of Directors Bob Bijur Island Queen Cruises Miami FL Chip Collopy Shoreline Marine Company Chicago IL Jim DeSimone Staten Island Ferries Staten Island NY Gus Gaspardo Padelford Packet Boat Company St. Paul MN Bob Lawler Entertainment Cruises Boston MA Alison Nolan Boston Harbor Cruises Boston MA Bob Scribner Charleston Harbor Tours Charleston SC Coleen Stephens Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruies Valdez AK Jim Swindler Golden Gate Ferries Larkspur CA Associate Member Representative Carl Micu John Deere Power Systems Waterloo IA Past Presidents Terri Bernstein BB Riverboats Newport KY Immediate PVA Past President Carolyn Horgan Blue Gold Fleet San Francisco CA PVA Past President Paul Belforti Entertainment Cruises Inc. Chicago IL PVA Past President Executive Director John R. Groundwater Legislative Director Edmund Welch Regulatory Affairs Consultant Peter Lauridsen Director of Finance Leslie Kagarise Director Public Affairs and Development Jennifer Wilk Director of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management Eric Christensen General Counsel Steven Bers Whiteford Taylor and Preston Editorial Offices Managing Editor Karen Rainbolt 2771 Houston Dr. Los Osos CA 93402 tel 571 388-7752 Contributing Editor Richard Purinton Washington Island Ferry Line Washington Island WI Advertising and Business Offices Publisher Peter Philips Advertising Sales Bill Forslund bill 2201 West Commodore Way Seattle WA 98199 tel 206 284-8285 fax 206 284-0391 Security About the Cover New York Waterway which played a key role on 911 has taken delivery of a new ferry the Molly Pitcher. Story page 29. 6 Exercise with Your Partners If terrorists attempted to overtake your vessel would you know what to do Hornblower Cruises and Events offered law enforcement officers the use of one of their San Diego vessels to provide critical training. Captain Richard Goben explains. 11 Passenger Vessel Industry Faces a Myriad of Security Issues Jen Wilk outlines the plethora of security- related issues that the passenger vessel industry faces. Heres what you need to know now. 14 Secure Your Future by Investing in Your Team A secure future doesnt just include locks. Bob Shaw explains how a strong team of employees and managers secures your operations success. 16 Coast Guard Seeks to Clarify Reportable Casualty Reporting CDR Randy Waddington clarifies when and why vessel operators should report casualties. Columns 4 Presidents Letter 5 Executive Directors Letter 18 Regulatory Report 21 Legislative Report 23 How PVA Benefits You 26 Safety Security Matters 28 Member News 30 New Members 33 Newswire 34 PVA Calendar 34 Advertisers Index 4 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN Security Its Not Just About Vessel Operations On September 11 2001 hijacked 757 and 767 jet airplanes departed Bostons Logan Airport bound for Los Angeles deliberately crashed into World Trade Center Tower 1 and 20 minutes later a second plane crashed into World Trade Center Tower 2. Within moments both towers had collapsed. Thousands of people killed. Moments later another jet had crashed into the Pentagon with hundreds feared dead. Yet moments later again another hijacked jet had crashed in Pennsylvania believed to have been targeted for the White House. All passengers on board did not survive. This is a very sad day in history. This world will never be the same from this day forward. President George Bush declares war on those who did this. This was the statement I logged on my laptop on this unforgettable day. On September 17 2001 Fire Island Ferries Bay Shore NY began restoring service to the financial district in New York City in conjunction with New York Waterway Weehawken NJ providing passenger ferry service to financial district employees and first responders to lower Manhattan. In 2002 Congress passed the Maritime Transportation Security Act MTSA in response to the large-scale nationwide vulnerabilities that were exposed by these attacks with the goal to improve the physical and personnel security standards for U.S. ports facilities and vessels. MTSA was drafted to focus on the prevention and response to transporta- tion security incidents which are security incidents resulting in a significant loss of life environmen- tal damage transportation system disruption or economic disruption in a particular area. In response to the imposed MTSA regulations certain PVA vessels and operations are required to conduct security assessments and implement security plans to address how we will deter transportation security incidents. The Coast Guard-approved PVA Alternate Security Plan ASP addresses how facilities andor vessels will communicate with the federal gov- ernment in the event of a security incident and include provisions for maintaining physical passenger cargo and personnel security controlling access to security areas of the vessel or facility while maintaining com- munications within their facility or vessel with first responders. An aspect of growing security concern which is all too commonly ignored is the threat of cyber security attacks and how prepared we are. Cyber security is defined as the body of technologies processes and practices designed to protect networks computers programs and data from attack damage or unauthorized access. As an association comprised of diverse members from mom and pop operations to large complex operations cyber security should not be neglected. In a span of just eight years maritime cyber threats have risen from 5500 in 2006 to an astounding 67000 in 2014. What is our risk as small passenger vessel operators The risk of having your vessels propulsion system compromised by a cyber attack is probably minimal at our level. However how prepared are you for a cyber attack on your shore-side infrastructure Are you fully prepared if you lose all your computer operating systems and the data stored on them Can you accommodate sales and reservations if your computer operating systems are hacked I attended a webinar on cyber security recently to learn of a particu- lar event about a foreign countrys maritime operation whose computer system was hacked resulting in the hack essentially turning more than 30000 computer systems into paperweights. As business managers these are issues we need to be concerned about. Im sure some of you reading this are not prepared for these situations. So what can you do to minimize the threat risk Very simplethink outside of the box and be proactive rather than reactive. Here are some things that you should do now to protect your operation Manage your risk by recognizing and understand- ing your dependence on cyberspace and where your information is stored. Continuously monitor and assess the effectiveness of risk mitigation and how to reduce vulnerabilities. Recruit educate train and retain agile employees that thrive in technology-rich operations. Identify information technology IT systems networks and data that are critical to your operation and understand their vulnerabilities critical depen- dencies and the potential for cascading disruptions on your operation. Improve the training and education of your employees empowering them to effectively operate LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dave Anderson LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT CONTINUED ON PAGE 34 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 5 LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR John Groundwater PVA Advocacy Efforts in High Gear Out-of-Water Survival Craft Law Tops the Agenda As you know PVA and its staff are consis- tently working to ensure that the interests of members are effectively represented before Congress and the regulatory agencies. A variety of issues have been at the forefront of PVAs advocacy activities recently. While all have importance and have been given the utmost in terms of effort and attention amending the out-of-water survival craft law has been front and center for many months now. As a reminder existing law the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 calls for the installation of out-of-water survival craft such as Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus on vessels currently required to carry life floats by February 26 2016. PVAmembers and staff have been working diligent- ly to persuade Congress to eliminate the one-size-fits-all survival craft requirement for U.S.-flagged passenger vessels. To date the U.S. House of Representatives at PVAs urging has already passed legislation that would do this H.R. 1987 section 302. We need the Senate to do the same thing. Many in the Senate have been receptive to PVAs message that a one-size- fits-all approach to lifesaving is not appropriate and that decisions about appropriate lifesaving measures should be left in the hands of the Coast Guard. In September PVA asked its members to join in a letter-writing campaign to their Senators urging action this year to change the one-size-fits-all survival craft requirement for U.S.-flagged passenger vessels. We were extremely pleased that nearly 30 PVA member companies sent letters to their respective Senators. Some PVA members took the extra step by calling passenger vessel operators in their regions to urge them to participate in this effort. And we have even had several non-member companies contact us to ask how they can help. Also this fall PVAstaff has participated in numerous Coast Guard Industry Day programs throughout the country. At each of these gatherings they discussed the out-of-water survival craft issue answered questions and encouraged those in attendance to contact their Senators. Clearly we have made progress in getting the word out and hanks very much to those of you who have pitched in and communicated with your Senators. But our work is not yet complete and we need PVA members who have not yet participated in this important communica- tions effort to help us to prevent the current law from going into effect in February. How can you help Contact me or any PVA staff member and we will provide you with everything that you need to join in. We need you to act today Exciting Line-Up of PVA Region Meetings If you are planning on attending one or more of the informative PVA Region Meetings scheduled this fall you can count on getting a thorough briefing on the out-of-water survival craft issue. You can also count on getting the very latest information on trends and issues that impact passenger vessel operators. Here are just a few of the topics that are scheduled to be discussed What the NEW 2692 NVIC Means to Your Business Recent National Labor Relations Board Developments Affecting Industry The Looming Out-of-Water Survival Craft Law What You Need to Know Growing Congestion on Our Waterways How to Prevent Slips Trips and Falls How to Conduct Effective Drills and Exercises Coast Guard Challenges A Local Perspective from the Sector Passenger Vessel Safety Specialist Update Lessons Learned Roundtable Discussion Challenges Facing Passenger Vessel Operators I hope you will take part in a PVA Region Meeting this fall. I firmly believe that you will it to be a worth- while experience. Check PVAs website for the full region meeting line-up. In the meantime please let us know whenever we can be of assistance you. Sincerely John R. Groundwater Executive Director n 6 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY R ecently Hornblower Cruises and Events which is headquartered in San Francisco CA but has operations in eight other cities around the nation including San Diego volunteered our large Subchapter H vessel the Inspiration Hornblower to participate in a joint Security Exercise in San Diego Bay. Coastal Trident is conducted annually by the U.S. Naval Postgraduate Schools Center for Asymmetric Warfare. This program addresses threats to the Maritime Transportation System throughout Southern California. They needed a large vessel for use in a simulated event involving a high value asset with role players acting as high-level visiting dignitaries so we offered the use of the Inspiration. As part of the drill the situation evolved into a simulated attack and response. I attended some of the planning sessions and by exercise day there were 16 local and federal agencies involved in the maritime response onboard backed up by more than 800 other personnel from 166 organizations I was Exercise with Your Partners A helicopter was used for a fast rope insertion of personnel to board the vessel. Photo R. Goben By Richard Goben Hornblower Cruises and Events Fast and Smooth Quickshift Technology Expansive Global Service Network Complete Propulsion Systems Unparalleled Reliability WE PUT HORSEPOWER TO WORK Operate Fast and Smooth Quickshift Expansive Global Service Network Complete Propulsion Systems Unparalleled Reliability with with confidence 8 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY impressed with their planned detail regarding safety and communica- tions procedures in use during the exercise. The day started early with several dive and canine teams doing sweeps of the vessel and pier. There was also a demonstration of a re- mote-operated vehicle for surveil- lance. For safety I had locked out the ships machinery and restricted other boat movements in the area. The teams were given tasks relating to clearing underwater threats. The canine teams did similar training. We got underway that evening with the normal operational crew for the Inspiration Hornblower including the operations crew and food and beverage employees that we would normally have had onboard for an event. All of our employees onboard are credentialed mariners and all are required to have Transportation Worker Identification Credentials TWIC and varying degrees of security awareness or duties. Suddenly up on the bridge we received word that there was gunfire below. They were firing blank rounds of course but the action was very realistic. The information we received was spotty but we reacted by calling for help and activating our security plan. The responders showed up in two ways First the patrol vessels came alongside with teams to get aboard the Inspiration Hornblower. They used the hook and climb method to do this scaling the sides of the ship quickly with grappling hooks. Once aboard each agency team had a task and plan which they began to implement immediately. Shortly after the boat assets cleared away two US Navy H-60 he- licopters were brought in with addi- tional response teams. They came in low hovered close above the decks of the Inspiration Hornblower and did fast rope insertions of responders. For safety sake prior to the drill I had removed or secured everything on deck chairs tables life rings fire axes etc. so that there was no danger of anything blowing loose. I also had the crew do a foreign object damage or debris FOD walk on deck prior to the drill to look for po- tentially damaging objects that could be blown about by the helicopters. The helicopter insertions went flawlessly. I was impressed with the pilots abilities to hover so precisely as I often had to change the ships course. They even recognized and reacted to the danger when a role player with a rocket-propelled grenade RPG appeared on deck For safety and advice I had two other Navy pilots on the bridge as observers. They helped me to under- stand the safe operation of the ship while working with the helicopters. After the insertions the helicopters stayed nearby hovering on each side of our ship. While this was happening below decks the teams were dealing with the situations found aboard including the taking of hostages potential improvised explosive devices IED an active shooter identifying of friend vs. foe and finally attending to medical issues. After a time the vessel was reported as secured and we called the helicopters in again to hover for med-evac extractions of wounded Left Law enforcement and military teams responded to the incident by small boats as well as helicopters. Right The exercise required live role players as well as mannequins to ensure accuracy and safety. Photos R. Goben OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 9 FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY Find your local sales rep at www.portsupply.comcontact-us or email us at for more information. USCG regulations have changed Know which AIS device you need. em-trak A100 AIS Class A Transceiver Fully USCG certified for all commercial vessel installations at deep sea and in coastal and inland waters. Single unit solution Small and lightweight Rmax technology for high performance Simple to install and configure Rugged design Intuitive user interface Model 12333944 Commercial vessels in United States waters must have a USCG-certified Class A or B AIS transceiver operational at all times by March 2016. PVA Member Price 1798 persons. Once again it was impres- sive to say the least. In the end all of the agencies learned valuable lessons towards their and our capabilities for a real event. We learned that as we went about our own response according to our PVA Alternate Security Program ASP there might be events that affect our ability to do this. For example some of our crew- members were not responding by radio while they were below starting to implement a change in MARSEC level. Only later did we discover that some were being held as hostages and some were held by respond- ers even after they were rescued and properly identified by Merchant Marine Credentials MMC or TWIC. The point of all of this is that it is highly beneficial to partner and train with your local and federal agencies Several canine teams were deployed to sweep the vessel and facility prior to the vessel getting underway. Photo R. Goben 10 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY in advance so that you know what to expect in a real situation. We have volunteered our vessels for use by these groups for training often training alongside them. Normally fire response in our bay is done by the San Diego Harbor Police when we are underway. Therefore I encourage and invite them to do some of their fire training onboard our ships. Also many of the other law enforcement responders have trained on how to gain access to vessels while underway by using our boats. Last year we did an active shooter exercise where we allowed respond- ers to shoot simulation rounds and other training devices aboard. It was a valuable event dealing with an unimaginable situation but one that should not be ignored. I encourage vessel operators to engage their local responders and offer to work with them. These entities have training and drill require- ments also and are usually happy to gain credit with a joint exercise or drill. And if your vessels are required to operate under a security plan you can make sure to meet your own annual requirement at the same time. Here is the big payoff It helps agencies to have alternate training venues and it helps vessel operators because if something were ever to happen they have already been onboard and they know our boats. What a win-win for everyone n ALL OTHER FERRIES ARE MISSING ONE VERY IMPORTANT PART. OUR NAME. About the Author Captain Richard Goben Hornblower San Diego Port Captain and Vessel Facility Security Officer is the first recipient of the Roger Murphy National Marine Safety Award and serves on the PVA Safety and Security Committee. He has presented at the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends is a recipient of the David Clark Excellence in Editorial Award and has written articles for FOGHORN on safety and security concerns. OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 11 FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY MARINE GROUP B o a t w o r k s 619 621-2220 New construction in steel aluminum and composite Hull modifications and extensions engine repowers Complete service life extension refits Complete USCG dry docking services USCG regulatory experts on staff ABSUSCG-certified welders INACITY THATHAS ITALL... MARINE GROUP AND FLAGSHIP CRUISES WELCOMES PVA WESTERN REGION TO SAN DIEGO SODOWE. I ts no secret that passenger vessel operators are faced with a myriad of security-related issues. The PVA Safety and Security Committee and PVA staff are well aware of these issues and are working tirelessly to address each aspect of this wide-ranging concern. Working together with PVAmembers as well as governing and regulatory bodies and subject matter experts we are tackling some of the most pressing issues facing our industry today. Cyber Security and Risk Management Cyber-related incidents have been appearing in the news more frequent- ly targeting corporations and government alike. In nearly every case these incidents have exposed vulnerabilities that can have a dramatic effect on the organizations credibility and bottom line. President Obama issued several Executive Orders making cyber security a national priority. And Congress has conducted several hearings on the issue. But what is the nexus between marine operations and the impact of a cyber security incident In a recent article Captain Andrew Tucci U.S. Coast Guard Chief of Passenger Vessel Industry Faces a Myriad of Security Issues By Jen Wilk Passenger Vessel Association 12 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY 1 920.686.5117 burgerboat.comcommercial Burger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service. Quality Commercial Vessels... Built by Burger to Your Requirements Aluminum and Steel Fabrication Passenger Vessels Research Vessels Fast Crew Boats Fast Supply Boats Wind Farm Support Vessels Fishing Vessels Other Vessels to 260 80m RV ARCTICUS Delivered October 2014 CHICAGOS CLASSIC LADY Delivered May 2014 LUCIA Delivered June 24 2015 89 27m Steel Passenger Vessel Proudly built in the USA See us at the W orkBoat Show Dec 1-3 Booth 4510 the Office of Port and Facilities Compliance wrote Vessel and facility operators use computers and cyber dependent technologies for navigation communications engi- neering cargo ballast safety envi- ronmental control and many other purposes. Emergency systems such as security monitoring fire detection and alarms increasingly rely on cyber technology. The Coast Guard has released its own cyber security strategy to address risks and prevent incidents accidents or attacks from impacting the maritime transporta- tion system. While there are no regulatory requirements for passenger vessel operators to address cyber security threats Coast Guard has suggested several resources and frameworks to assist in identifying and address- ing vulnerabilities. The Department of Commerces National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST Framework Insert Link www.nist. govcyberframework provides a strategic approach for you to use to Identify Protect Detect Respond and Recover your business from cyber incidents. Additionally the Department of Homeland Securitys Office of Cyber Security and Communications provides a variety of resources to help companies address cyber risk. The Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team ICS-CERT offers tools and rec- ommended best practices for both designing system safeguards and training personnel to improve pre- paredness. Insert Link ics-cert. us-cert.govRecommended- Practices. TWIC PVA members continue living w i t h T W I C Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n Worker Identification Credential the Transportation Security Administrations TSAs program m a n d a t e d b y t h e M a r i t i m e Transportation Security Act for access control yet do not see any substantive enhancements to security in their operations. PVA continues to advocate for reducing the TWIC burden on operators. TSAs One Visit program has been fully implemented. Applicants can now elect to have new and replacement cards mailed to them directly. This is thanks to OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 13 FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY You stay profitable and your customers stay comfortable. Cat marine engines give you fuel efficiency for your bottom line and dependability to run on time. And your global Cat dealer network makes sure everyone gets a smooth ride. Bring Cat engines onboard today. Visit your local Cat marine dealer or learn more about us at marine.Cat.Com Uptime Means On Time Every Time. 2013 Caterpillar. All rights reserved. CAT CATERPILLAR BuILT foR IT their respective logos ACERT Caterpillar Yellow and the Power Edge trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. 3512C Tier 3C32 ACERT Tier 3C18 ACERT Tier 3 Cat_PVA Ad_On Time Every Time.indd 1 7113 239 PM PVAs and industrys successful advocacy efforts to eliminate this second trip to the enrollment center. According to a recent report TSAhas seen an increase in applicants taking advantage of this new program with 70 percent of cardholders choosing to receive their cards by mail. PVA continues to participate in stakehold- er meetings with TSA and the TWIC contractor to stay involved with the process and provide feedback. As reported at a recent meeting there are now approximately 300 Universal Enrollment Centers for TWIC enrollment nationwide. The TWIC reader final rule has not yet been issued. The proposed rule which PVA filed extensive comments on and closed in June 2013 included a tiered approach to this requirement. The proposal was founded on a comprehensive risk based assessment. PVA believes that based on the proposed rule most PVA member companies will not need TWIC readers. Active Shooter Drill Preparedness for responding to an active shooter is an area of growing concern for organizations around the country. The PVA Safety and Security Committee in coordi- nation with TSAs Office of Maritime Security and Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program I-STEP are sponsoring an Active Shooter Drill to be held in advance of the PVA Annual Convention January 23 2016. This event is still in the planning stages but more information will be sent to you as more details become available. The objective is to test response capabili- ties and provide lessons learned so attendees can take this information back to their respective operations to continually improve security on passenger vessels and facilities. n About the Author Jen Wilk is PVAs Director of Public Affairs and Development. She has an MBA from American University and has recently been assigned to handle security issues for PVA members. She can be reached at 14 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY W e all know that the same word means different things to different people. In the military we like to illuminate the differences between the services through a joke that describes how each branch interprets the command to secure a building. When a sailor secures a building they inspect each room turn off the lights lock all the doors and go home. A soldier secures a building by erecting concertina wire guard towers searchlights and checkpoints. A Marine secures a building by storming through these defenses me- thodically clearing all rooms and hoisting a flag over the building. Finally an airman secures a building by taking out a five-year lease with an option to purchase. For me personally security is first and foremost how to preserve today to ensure a bright future tomorrow. And the answer must address how your organization builds a team of future leaders. Secure your Future by Investing in Your Team By Bob Shaw Industry Consultant Expert Boat Builders Steel Aluminum Construction 360331-5500 x 311 I learned the hard way that when sales are going well a company has a shot at achieving other goals. However when sales are slow everything else can be in peril. And so the natural reaction when you lose your top sales person is to panic and start an external search for an outside top sales dog. Pretty quickly things unravel there is widespread disagreement on what you are looking for our industry is unique where you find them how you screen them and so forth. Eventually you are seduced and excited by the prospective hire they are good sales people after all but the cold reality is that they want 15-20 percent more compensation than the former star and come with a host of other special conditions and exceptions. You gulp and take the deal then the double secret compensation package leaks out to the rest of your crew your new sales maestro wants to change all your business processes what do you mean I have to board the group or why do I have to worry about accounts receivables and mutual frustration leads to a mutual quickie divorce between both parties in about six months. My head hurts just remembering all the times I did this. Chuck Johnson was the most disciplined sales executive in the business and was totally dedicated to 100 percent internal promotions. You say it cant be done Hed say you had to be committed to growing everyone in the company to secure your future. The military has done an awesome job with 100 percent internal promo- tions. Disney would say the right number is two-thirds internal promotions and one-third external hires to get new ideas percolating in your organization. Looking beyond the numbers the shared knowledge is that inter- nally-promoted people are successful because they are loyal know the organization in and out are ambidex- trous and are supported by all others. Chuck would point to the hundreds of amazing examples in our industry. Dan Leaman started out as a food and beverage guy from Michigan State a dozen years ago and now General Manager for one of Entertainment Cruises most challenging operations in Washington D.C. Bob Lawler was a deckhand for Bay State Cruise Company while in college and now is the Vice President of Marine Operations for Entertainment Cruises. On the west coast Annabella Stagner was a OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 15 FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY Oshore support vessels Passenger ferries Naval Military vessels steward on Hornblower ships and held virtually every position including San Francisco General Manager and now is Vice President of just about everything for the parent company. Scott Thornton started as a bartender got his captains license and now is VPGM of the best customer-focused operation I have ever seen at Alcatraz Cruises. We have owners too in this mix Michael Glasfeld was a deckhand and now leads Bay State Cruise Company. Dan Yates was fresh out of the Navy and grad school when he started in his first business job at Spirit Marine. And I bet each of you have your own awesome examples. Chucks focus on growing his team was one of the three most important business tenets I ever learned. If interested the first is creating a service system to define your organizations culture and the third concerns monthly communication and accountability a topic suitable for another column. Over time by focusing on growing from within I came to realize and believe that our companies already have everyone needed to be successful in the future. These seeds are our mighty future oaks. Often crew would ask me what the future was going to be like. For an op- erations guy always immersed in the chaos of the daily here and now that was a difficult question. But the best predictor of future performance is past performance. By investing daily in everyone around you you secure your future with the blossoming of your team. n About the Author Bob Shaw is a veteran industry executive having led over 100 vessels responsible for over 10 million passengers a year. He can be reached at 16 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY A s previously reported in FOGHORN the U. S. Coast Guard promulgated Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular NVIC 01-2015 which provides guidance regarding marine casualty reporting. The guidance was a long sought collaborative effort by both the Coast Guard and industry stakeholders. In many instances the positions articulated within the NVIC were not necessarily new ones however it was clear that over time it had become important to develop a consistent interpretative framework for both local Coast Guard units and the maritime industry. The formation of the guidance also afforded the opportunity for the Coast Guard to take an introspective review of how specific criterion that required reporting was interpreted. For example Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations CFR Part 4.05-13 states loss of main propulsion primary steering or any associ- ated component or control system that reduces the maneuverability of the vessel is a reportable marine casualty. However what if a vessel is equipped with redundant propul- sion systems and one fails yet the others remain on-line and fully func- tional Does this type of incident rise to the level of being a reportable casualty In this instance the Coast Guard considered language from the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking NPRM from 1980 to provide clarity. Coast Guard Seeks to Clarify Reportable Casualty Reporting By CDR Randy Waddington U.S. Coast Guard ITS ALL ABOUTTHE FACTS I love having a world of ideas at my fingertips Sandy Scudder IT Manager for Hyline Cruises Cape Cod revels in being able to capitalise on the new functions and features that are constantly being added to CarRes. With the global client base using CarRes we are able to benefit from their experiences and developments as well as coming up with our own. Booking Check-in Systems for the Global Ferry Industry Carus PBS Ab Ltd P.O. Box 195 FIN-22101 Mariehamn Phone 358 20 7107 800 E-mail Web OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 17 FOGHORNFOCUS SECURITY The NPRM appeared rather clear within the preamble that immediate availability of additional systems with no loss of maneuverability did not constitute a reportable incident. The next step was to provide am- plifying language within the NVIC regarding what the term loss of maneuverability defined as the inability to maintain safe speed and steerage for the prevailing and anticipated conditions which was subsequently outlined in the NVIC. This is just one example of many whereby the Coast Guard attempted to provide clarification and infuse important interpreta- tive language to assist all parties in making a proper determination. Many may be wondering what the Coast Guard has done since promulgating the NVIC. The hard work did not stop once it was published. For example the Coast Guard program responsible for the NVIC hosted multiple nation- wide roundtable teleconferences with local Coast Guard investigat- ing officers in an effort to reinforce the new guidance e.g. applica- tion of bump and go incidents particularly in the areas that may have historically been interpreted differently by local Coast Guard units and command centers. Implementation throughout the Coast Guard remains an ongoing effort. Additionally continued outreach with external industry stakeholders and maritime law firms remain a priority for the program. T h e N V I C re p re s e n t s a n important piece of a larger initia- tive to ensure that the Coast Guard is focusing valuable investigat- ing officer resources to investigate incidents and determine causes that may assist in preventing reoccur- rence of unwanted higher conse- quence incidents. Ultimately the challenge for both the Coast Guard and industry stakeholders will be to properly apply static marine casualty reg- ulatory language to the highly dynamic operating environment of the maritime domain. The NVIC is an important step forward in assisting all parties in making proper marine casualty determinations and providing a consistent baseline from which both the Coast Guard and maritime industry can acquire infor- mation to prevent future incidents. n About the Author CDR Randy Waddington has served in multiple capacities during his 25-year Coast Guard career most recently as the Investigations Division Chief in the Office of Investigations and Analysis at Coast Guard Headquarters. He has also served as Chief of the Investigations Division at Sector Los Angeles Long Beach Chief of the Inspections Division at Sector Juneau and Senior Investigating Officer at Sector Juneau. 18 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN REGULATORYREPORT By Peter Lauridsen PVA Regulatory Affairs Consultant Let MCM manage your insurance so you can focus on your voyage MCM is a leading independent insurance brokerage based in the Pacific Northwest. Our marine practice group has more than 100 years of combined experience placing insurance and managing the marine industrys unique risks. Whether were working with vessel operators builders repair facilities or suppliers we create specialized solutions that meet each clients needs. EMpLoyEE BEnEfits ExECutivE BEnEfits REtiREMEnt pLans insuRanCE advisoRy pRopERty CasuaLty Contact Damon L. Nasman at 206 262-6375 or email Anatomy of a PVA Request I n these FOGHORN columns we often advise members that the PVA staff is available to assist them in their quest for information or helpful advice. This is generally true but more often than not it involves regulators their authorities and policies. What follows is a composite of what might transpire if you call the PVA staff for help. The scenario can end at any point depending on the situation its urgency andor its complexity. You might call a staff person you know or have dealt with in the past the person with the title that best suits your quest or with whoever is available to answer the phone at the time of your call. The PVAstaff is small experienced and knowledgeable on most issues especially with current ongoing or frequently addressed topics. As you will learn the staffthrough daily interactions and previous shared ex- perienceswill listen elicit relevant information through questions and generally ask how we can help. Many times again especially on current issues the phone call is OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 19 REGULATORYREPORT probably sufficient to provide the information or guidance you seek. If not you may be referred to another PVA staff member or your informa- tion and question will be passed in- ternally. That decision is often based on the immediate availability of the other staff member or the complexity of the information you provided. For longer more involved issues it is best that the staff person hear directly from the information provider. Again that simple referral alone may produce the desired information and the member is satisfied. If your issue is complex or poten- tially an issue of greater import i.e. regional or national implications the staff will jointly assume the respon- sibility for answering your need. It is this ad hoc focus grouping that starts to form the needed response and build awareness across all the staff responsibilities. At this point or proximate to this point the appropriate Coast Guard personnel may be called for reference or background. A decision without all of the available information may fail. Understanding the Coast Guard reasoning and actions means a more complete analysis of the problem and potential solutions. Generally those calls will be made to policy people at the appropriate level. Calls to su- pervisory Coast Guard officials at the sector or the involved individual inspector will not under normal cir- cumstances be made without your knowledge and agreement. PVAs involvement is always as an inter- ested third party representing the interests of all members and their standing with regulators and leg- islators. We are not experts in the employ of the member operating with the authority of and on behalf of an individual member. PVA staff must always be seen for our overall objectivity if we are to be credible representatives of our industry with those who legislate regulate or deal with us. This initial group activity may result in an answer but more likely will result in calling the member into the group by email or confer- ence call. The goal here is to counsel The PVA staff is small experienced and knowledgeable on most issues especially with current ongoing or frequently addressed topics. 20 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN REGULATORYREPORT Maintenance Management Program Cloud Based - Access from any Device with any browser Maintenance - Inventory - Documentation Intuitive User Interface Flagship Integration Turnkey Setup w w w . W h e e l H o u s e T e c h . c o m - 9 7 8 - 5 6 2 - 5 2 1 1 Foghorn_March_2015.indd 1 2202015 34342 PM For the best in custom Marinas Gangways Floating Structures Bridges Security Gates Catwalks Web Email Tel 800.332.3625 and when necessary create a plan its implementation and make the member comfortable enough to approach the Coast Guard with the response or proposed solution. Ideally the member will feel prepared and comfortable enough to be his or her own advocate. It has the benefit of allowing the member and the Coast Guard unit personnel to establish a relationship and own the outcome of any decision or action. There are instances where the member for one reason or another may want assistance in address- ing the Coast Guard. Some of these reasons can be proposing something that relies on policies or procedures that are unfamiliar to the member or as a confidence boost. We are more than willing to assist-provided the member clears our participation in advance with the Coast Guard party to the conversation. Conference calls are the normal method of staff par- ticipation. Rarely the participation may be a physical presence but that may involve issues of national or wide membership interest or reim- bursement of PVA expenses. Hopefully the local outcome favorable or unfavorable resolves the situation. Failure to prevail is always a possibility but can still be a positive if it clarifies a policy or regulation or leads to better com- munication opportunities in the future. If this effort fails to satisfy the Coast Guard locally and the Sector decision would lead to an appeal the PVA staff can and will remain involved. My message is do not hesitate to call if you feel a need to do so. You learn we learn and the agency learns. n PVA staff must always be seen for our overall objectivity if we are to be credible representatives of our industry with those who legislate regulate or deal with us. OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 21 LEGISLATIVEREPORT By Ed Welch PVA Legislative Director T he Code of Federal Regulations is an important reference source for passenger vessel operators. This multi-volume set of documents is a compilation of all rules and regulations issued by various parts of the federal government. Here one finds the Coast Guards rules for vessel safety and security as well as regulations that govern the use of the nations waterways. Other titles include rules from the Environmental Protect Agency ad- dressing vessel air emissions and wastewater discharges provisions by the National Marine Fisheries Service dealing with protection of marine mammals and Department of Labor directives on overtime and minimum wages. Easy access to the Code of Federal Regulations is valuable to the passenger vessel operator. But over the years easy access has been hard to come by. The various paperback volumes of the CFR are expensive even if one purchases only the few volumes that are the likeliest to apply. Whats more as rules are added or amended over time and the paper volumes become outdated. What is an operator to do The answer go to the relatively new online version of the Code of Federal Regulations. Its free its easy to use and its con- stantly kept up to date as changes are made. It enables the operator to stand on equal footing to a Coast Guard inspector as far as knowledge of the rules that apply to U.S.-flagged passenger vessels. The home page of the ECFR provides several options to the user. A link to Frequently Asked The Electronic CFR A Valuable Tool 22 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN LEGISLATIVEREPORT 100 Furuno designed Linux software improves stability reduces virus risk Fully compliant IMO systems 19 23.1 LCD or Black Box ECDIS with user supplied wide glass bridge monitors are available Simple Ethernet connection to FAR2xx7 Radars saving thousands over complex interface kits www.Facebook.comFuruno ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System Questions tells more about the features of the web page and how to use them. It provides different methods of searching. For instance if one knows a specific regulatory citation one goes to the Browse function and simply uses the drop-down menu to reach the relevant title. Another method is to click on Simple Search in the left-hand column and enter a key word or phrase although its best to limit such a search to a particular title. Coast Guard rules are typically in title 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters and title 46 Shipping. In title 46 one finds the passenger and small passenger vessel requirements of Subchapters H beginning at Part 70 K beginning at Part 114 and T beginning at part 175. Title 33 contains the international and inland rules of navigation vessel operating rules dealing with drugs and alcohol Part 95 and safety management systems Part 96 and maritime security beginning at Part 101 and including provisions on the dreaded Transportation Worker Identification Credential at part 104. Title 40 of the CFR compiles a host of EPA rules Part 94 1042 1043 and 1044 address emission standards for marine engines. Part 89 non road engines. Also 1039-1042. Other pro- visions deal with oil pollution and ballast water discharges from vessels part 151 and and marine sanitation devices part 140. Title 49 includes rules of the Federal Transit Administration that apply to public transit organiza- tions including some public ferry operators. Also in Tile 49 the rules governing the National Transportation Safety Board begin at part 800 of title 49 and the Transportation Security Administrations TWIC provisions start at part 1572. Title 50 includes rules of the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service for protecting endangered species generally and whales dolphins and other marine mammals in particular. In summary a passenger vessel operator would be well advised to spend some time developing a basic familiarity with www.ecfr. gov. Armed with this familiarity if a Coast Guard official proposes to issue a Form 835 for an alleged violation or a representative of another federal agency invokes a portion off the Code of Federal Regulations one can examine the cited provision closely to form an independent opinion of the regula- tory requirement and whether or not a violation has actually occurred. n OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 23 HOW PVA BENEFITS YOU By Jen Wilk Director Public Affairs and Development PVA Working For You Put Your Fleet at Your Fingertips gplink_halfpage.indd 1 1142015 33702 PM 2570 Beverly Dr. 128 Aurora IL 60502 T 630.236.3500 CENTA Power trAnsmIssIon LeADIng By InnovAtIon USA based production Over 20 unique designs Over 16 million sold Torsional vibration experts Trust CENTA The Global Innovator Since 1970 CENTALINK Carbon Fiber Driveshafts Innovative flexible couplings for marine applications P VAs Alternative Security Program ASP is an important tool to help members meet their security requirements. PVA members in good standing can use this exclusive benefit as a formal security program that meets the functional requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security Act MTSA of 2002 and its implementing regulations addresses security for both vessels and facilities. This compliance program is pre-ap- proved by the Coast Guard and members do not need to undergo the chal- lenges of creating their own individual program and subsequently having it approved especially when its time for revisions and renewal every five years. The ASP was developed by PVA member volunteers with years of operations experience. With the advent of growth in the passenger vessel industry weve encoun- The PVA ASP compliance program is pre-approved by the Coast Guard and members do not need to undergo the challenge of creating their own individual program. 24 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN HOW PVA BENEFITS YOU Increased sales through our multiple low to no cost marketing plans. Decreased operating cost by eliminating redundancy and automating workflow for better efficiency. Flexible management tools to give you the ultimate control over your sales and operations. DESTINATION MANAGER THE COMPLETE SALES AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Formally Virtual Ticketer No Risk Free Trial Tim Eversole Director of Sales and Support Tel 504 840-9800 X 113 Toll Free 877 265-3521 X 113 Cell 859 652-9885 YOUR COMPLETE TICKETING SOLUTION. Michael Brydon Director of Sales and Support Tel 504 840-9800 X 101 Toll Free 877 265-3521 X 101 Cell 504 914-7334 Gordon Stevens President CEO New Orleans Steamboat Company Gray Line Tours We have been using the Virtual Ticketer for six years and have been extremely pleased with the product software and service. We give this reservation system our very highest recommendation. ................................................................................................. Hugh Mackenzie General Manager Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises and Trolley The advantage with Ticketer is that its client based. This allows us to provide a customer multiple events packages or services all under one reservation which has contributed to our success. ......................................................................................... Rose M. Christian Treasurer Native Son Ferry The Virtual Ticketer has increased our revenues with new sales capabilities and has helped us better manage our company by streamlining our operations. Increased sales through our multiple low to no cost marketing plans. Decreased operating cost by eliminating redundancy and automating workflow for better efficiency. Flexible management tools to give you the ultimate control over your sales and operations. DESTINATION MANAGER THE COMPLETE SALES AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Formally Virtual Ticketer No Risk Free Trial Tim Eversole Director of Sales and Support Tel 504 840-9800 X 113 Toll Free 877 265-3521 X 113 Cell 859 652-9885 YOUR COMPLETE TICKETING SOLUTION. THE VIRTUAL TICKETER focus on when implementing their security plans or the ASP 1. Security Measures for Access Control Gates to a secure or restricted area must be closed. Access controls are identified through your security assessments as counter measures to address known vulnerabilities. Adherence to these activities is important for ASP com- pliance. 2. Facility Security Officer Requirements Facility Security Officers must properly conduct a Facility Security Assessment. A Facility Security Assessment is required to be conducted and submitted when the ASP is initially implemented when its renewed every five years or there are any substantive changes to the facility. This goes for vessel assessments as well. PVAs ASP was last revised in July of 2012. 3. Security Measures for Restricted Areas Security measures must prevent or deter unauthorized access into a re- stricted area of the facility. Designated Restricted Areas require measures that ensure the protection of these higher degree security areas. Access should be appropriately limited and include visual signage indicating restricted access. 4. Drill and Exercise Requirements The Facility Security Officer must conduct scheduled security drills andor exercises. Security drills are required to be conducted every three months and an exercise at least once each calendar year with no more than 18 months between exercises. Drills test individual elements of a Facility Security Plan and an exercise is a tered many new Company Security Officers CSOwho are choosing to implement PVAs ASP. Naturally we get questions about putting this program into practice. Questions can be a good thing because they signal a characteristic common among PVA members and the passenger vessel industry constant vigilance and con- tinuous improvement when it comes to security. To help you evaluate your security posture Coast Guard Headquarters Office of Port and Facilities Compliance has provided us with recommendations for five key areas that passenger vessel operators must make sure that they OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 25 HOW PVA BENEFITS YOU full test of the Facility Security Plan with significant participation of the FSO and may include government authorities and vessels visiting the facility. 5. Recordkeeping Requirements The Security Officer must document required security activities. Some examples include security training changes in MARSEC levels security breaches maintenance of security equipment security audits and drills and exercises that are conducted. Proper documentation provides evidence of implementation and maintenance of the ASP. The PVA ASP has everything you need. Section IX of the ASP provides all recordkeeping requirements and the appendices include templates and reports where company specific information can be main- tained. Reminder about Inspections Its important to remember when having your ASP vessels and fa- cilities inspected that compliance is measured against the ASP and NOT the Code of Federal Regulation or CFR. In its own inspection guidance the Coast Guard states Inspectors verify compliance by comparing security measures im- plemented with those outlined in the approved ASP. Start Using the ASP Today PVA now has more than half of its vessel member companies required to have a security plan using the PVA ASP. If you have questions or to find out more about how your company can use this important tool contact me at 1-800-807-8360 ext. 24 or jwilkpassengervessel. com. n 26 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN SAFETY SECURITY MATTERS By Eric Christensen Director of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management T he PVASafety and Security Committee works hard to provide relevant information to members to improve vessel operations and crew preparedness not only for day-to-day operations but also emergency situations. In October 2014 the committee began discussing the availability of security material for members. There were a number of members whether they were required to have security plans or not who were looking for ad- ditional information. For members who operated under the PVA Alternate Security Program ASP they were looking to improve crew and management awareness of security procedures and also improve the quality of their required quarterly drills and annual exercises. The committee reviewed current security materials and guidance and Captain Rich Goben with Hornblower Cruises and Events in San Diego CA took the lead on gathering the input and carrying out his own research over a six-month period. The results are contained in Table 1 below. The table is broken into two sections material available on DVD and material that can be accessed online. The Transportation Security Administration TSA and the National Transit Institute have a number of DVDs available and most members find them helpful. Those that include short modules and testing at the end of each are particularly noted as beneficial to keep people engaged in the training. Some of the training DVDs such as Crowd Control for Passenger Vessels and Terminals includes a printable certificate for those that successfully complete the training. PVA maintains a stock of all the DVDs listed in Table 1 on page 27. and they are available to all members free of charge. Please contact the PVA staff to get your free DVDs. While some of the online material is tactical in nature such as dealing with an active shooter others are more educational by providing information on the National Incident Command System. It is important to under- stand the framework used by first responders state and federal agencies charged with managing all manner of incidents from a vessel grounding or collision to a major hurricane that disrupts and entire port or region. Recently the PVA Safety and Security Committee discussed the development of templates for certain security scenarios. The templates would provide in- terested members with a starting point and potential goals and objectives associated with a particular drill or exercise. This information would be particularly valuable to personnel new to vessel and terminal security. Some initial template the committee is looking to develop include Personnel Screening Package Screening Active Shooter Suspicious Person If there is a security template you would like to see the committee consider or if you have a template you would like to share as a best practice please contact Eric Christensen or Jen Wilk of the PVA staff. In addition the PVA Safety and Security Committee is coordinating with TSA on the possibility of present- ing an active shooter exercise aboard a PVA member vessel in conjunction with the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 in Washington DC. Information on this pre-convention workshop will follow the convention draws closer. We cannot become complacent about security. The PVA staff and your committees remain committed to providing up-to-date information tools and techniques to enhance the security of your vessels and facilities. Security Tools to Enhance Crew Awareness and Training OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 27 SAFETY SECURITY MATTERS TABLE 1. LIST OF SECURITY TRAINING AIDS Name of resource Producer Online or Disc Address Crowd Control for Passenger Vessels and Terminals Transportation Security Administration Disc System Security Awareness for Transit Employees National Transit Institute Disc Basic Screening Procedures for Maritime Transportation Security TSA Disc VBIEDIED RecognitionResponse for Passenger Vessels and Terminals TSA Disc Terminal and Shipboard Evacuation TSA Disc System Security Awareness for Passenger Vessel Employees National Transit Institute Disc Maritime Terrorism and Hijacking Situation TSA Disc Emergency Responder Interface with Ferry Systems Washington State Homeland Security institute Online Active Shooter What You Can Do IS-00907 FEMA Emergency Management Institute Online Active Shooter Incidents- Planning and Response AFIMAC Online training Academy Online National Response Framework An Introduction IS-00800.b FEMA Emergency Management Institute Online Introduction to incident Command System IS 100 Washington State Homeland Security institute Online Basic Incident Command System IS-200 Washington State Homeland Security institute Online National incident Management System NIMS An Introduction IS-700 Washington State Homeland Security institute Online 1910 Unruh Court New Albany IN 47150 Tel 812.945.8988 13705 Gainesville St. Houston TX 77015 Tel 713.330.8200 WATER LUBRICATED MARINE BEARINGS SLEEVE AND FLANGED CONFIGURATIONS IN STOCK AT TIMCO DURABLE LONG LASTING EASY TO INSTALL 28 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN MEMBERNEWS OVER 65 YEARS COOLING THE MARINE INDUSTRY R.W. Fernstrum is committed to providing long-lasting quality cooling systems. Our engineers work with you to custom design a solution that meets the needs of your vessel and operating conditions. GRIDCOOLER Keel Cooler Tranter Heat Exchangers WEKA Boxcooler Heat Exchangers WEKA Boxcooler ENGINEERED COOLING SOLUTIONS. 906.863.5553 Photo courtesy of Blount Boats Inc. A_RW01-0115-FogHorn-Ad-Blount-Boats-Final.indd 1 1815 316 PM Boston Harbor Cruises BHC Boston MA has been named the citys Small Business of the Year by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. We are honored that Boston Harbor Cruises has been named the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce 2015 Small Business of the Year Awards top honoree said Alison Nolan BHC principal and general manager. Our success is predicated on teamwork. There are a lot of moving parts in order to keep BHC moving forward and we work diligently to provide exceptional service. At the end of the day our goal is for customers to have the best possible experience on the water. BHCs fleet of 48 vessels carries out an intricate seasonal daily excursion schedule including Boston Harbor sightseeing cruises the New England Aquarium Whale Watch Provincetown Fast Ferry and ferries to the Boston Harbor islands Salem and Lynn as well as water taxis and Codzilla a high-speed thrill boat ride. In addition BHC offers year-round commuter services private charters and offshore commercial services. The family-owned-and-operated company was founded nearly 90 years ago and welcomes more than 2.5 million passengers annually on its large fleet. Boston Harbor Cruises Is Bostons Small Business of the Year This award isnt just for Boston Harbor Cruises it represents the importance of business on Bostons water- front said Nolan who is a member of the PVA Board of Directors. We have the unique ability to share the wa- terfront and marine life with every passenger that comes aboard. We are very proud to be part of the waterfront community. n Boston Harbor Cruises won the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerces Small Business of the Year Award. Pictured from BHC are l-r JP Veiga Patrick Nolan Rick NolanAlison Nolan Bob Tarrant behind Alison Gina Cameron Matthew Murphy behind Gina Bonnie Powers and Jeanne Sullivan. OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 29 SAVE 50 Register before the show using promo code FOGHORN and receive FREE admission to the exhibit hall and keynotes. Non-Exhibiting Suppliers Fee - 50 Pre-show and Onsite. The International WorkBoat Show is the only solution that can connect you to the best resources in the maritime industry all in one convenient location.With over 1000 exhibitors and thousands of innovative products youll be able to meet and negotiate face to face with colleagues and suppliers to find the new ideas that bring in business and save you money. Produced by Presented by DECEMBER 1-3 2015 NEW ORLEANS Morial Convention Center Halls A B C D E To exhibit contact Chris Dimmerling 40753_iwbs15_forhorn_ad.indd 1 72915 1248 PM MEMBERNEWS Weehawken NJ-based NY Waterways newest ferry the Molly Pitcher is now offering passengers the most luxurious commuting ex- perience in the metropolitan New York City area. The first commuter ferry built in the Garden State in anyones memory the Molly Pitcher was built by PVA Associate member Yank Marine in Tuckahoe NJ and com- pletely financed by NY Waterway. We want to give our passen- gers the finest most comfortable experience possible and have added several new amenities since we began construction of the Molly Pitcher said NY Waterway President Founder Arthur E. Imperatore. Passengers will ride in the timeless elegance of art-deco upper and lower cabins with the most comfortable seating on any commuter conveyance and other features such as heated outdoor decks and handrails. The interiors designed were by Jeanine Bequette of PVA Associate member Directions in Design St. Louis MO. It is powered by twin EPA Tier 3-compliant engines the cleanest-burning marine diesel engines currently available in America and exceeding all federal and state air quality standards. The Molly Pitcher is U.S. Coast Guard-licensed for 400 passengers with seating for 350 passengers in fully climate-controlled cabins. The vessel is 109 feet long and 32 feet wide and draws just six feet reducing the need for dredging. There is outside open deck space on both the lower and upper deck. The vessel has a service speed of 28 knots about 33 mph making it among the fastest boats operating in New York-area waters. NY Waterway operates the largest privately-owned commuter ferry service in the U.S. carrying 30000 passenger trips per day eight million trips per year on 33 boats serving 21 routes between New Jersey and Manhattan and between four counties. PVA member Yank Marine is a New Jersey-based shipyard employing over 50 people in Tuckahoe Cape May County. In business for more than 40 years Yank has constructed over 100 new build vessels and repaired tens of thousands of vessels. Some of the major contracts in the yard are the U.S. Coast Guard U. S. Army Small boat service Army Corp of Engineers and NJ State Police. A similar second ferry also built by Yank Marine will begin service soon. n NY Waterways Luxurious New Ferry Is Now in Service 30 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN MEMBERNEWS Complete control and steering systems for vessels of all types and sizes. 1 604572-3935 Surrey BC Canada KOBELT MANUFACTURING CO.LTD. Vigor Hires New Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Jill Mackie vice president of public affairs for The Seattle Times Company will join Seattle-based Vigors executive team as senior vice president of public affairs. Vigor offers shipbuilding ship repair and complex fabrication to the maritime community. The company has 2500 employees and twelve locations in Alaska Oregon and Washington. This is a pivotal position for Vigor and were excited to welcome someone of Jills caliber repu- tation and values to our team said Vigor CEO Frank Foti. Connecting with the communities where we live and work is at the heart of who we are as a company. With Jills lead- ership we can do more to build stronger relationships and engage in open honest and deeper dialogue with our communities. Mackie has more than 20 years of experience in governmental and public affairs in a number of industries. n PVA WELCOMES A NEW MEMBER T4 Media Seattle WA Mrs. Jayne Russell Associate Member OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 31 MEMBERNEWS Navigating your risks day and night. As the owner of a passenger vessel you face tough decisions every day from hiring qualied crew to making sure your vessel is in prime condition. At Aon we spend day and night thinking about your maritime risks so buying insurance doesnt have to be another tough decision. We work with you to develop creative approaches and customized solutions that deliver more efficiencies improved protability and greater value. For more information please call 1.800.730.7053 or visit passengervessel.commember-resources.htmlinsurance Risk. Reinsurance. Human Resources. Navigating your Aon Risk Solutions Marine Gordon Stevens President CEO of New Orleans Steamboat Company and Gray Line Tours New Orleans LA announced the construction of a new Mississippi riverboat for New Orleans. Stevens said that the company has engaged the marine architectural firm of PVA Associate member DeJong and Lebet of Jacksonville FL to begin designing the new boat. The plans call for a vessel 160 long and 36 wide with three passenger decks a dining room that can seat 200 passengers and a full service galley and bars. The new boat will have the traditional steamboat look with stacks bow stages and shear and camber in the decks. It will be licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard to carry 600 passengers. Stevens says the new boat will complement the Steamboat Natchez running harbor cruises dinner cruises and private charters. The boat will berth at the lower end of the Riverfront Park the old Lower Bienville Street Wharf adjacent to the Steamboat Natchezs berth at the Toulouse Street Wharf. The company leases this berthing spot on a long-term basis from the Port of New Orleans. The new boat should be completed and sailing in New Orleans in late 2017. Bids will go out to shipyards in the near future. The Steamboat Natchez first sailed in New Orleans in 1975 making this year her 40th anniversary. In addition to the Natchez the New Orleans Steamboat Company has owned and operated the Sternwheeler Cotton Blossom the Riverboats President Mark Twain Becky Thatcher MV John James Audubon and the Audubon Express in New Orleans and the Sternwheeler P.A. Denny at the 1984 Worlds Fair. The New Orleans Steamboat Company was founded by Wilbur and Bill Dow in 1974. New Orleans Steamboat Company is recognized for its contribution to the New Orleans cultural landscape and tourism industry. Since 1975 the Steamboat Natchez has sailed daily offering Mississippi River cruises featuring live jazz and New Orleans cuisine. n New Orleans Steamboat Company Announces New Vessel 2016 PVA ANNUAL CONVENTION AT MARITRENDS 2016 January 23-26 2016 Hyatt Regency Crystal City Washington DC Book Hotel Reservations Offering You a World of Ideas Information Tips and Contacts... 32 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN26 MAY 2013 FOGHORN REGuLaTORyREPoRT grandfathered compliance deferred for good and sufficient reason by the new regulation. Also your own records may contain the informa- tion you need if a previous oCMI accepted the installation or process under the equivalency or alternative provisions contained in regulation. If the response to your request for a cited regulation and reason is vague or one that threatens addi- tional actions it is likely founded on less than regulation. A threatening response is both unwarranted and unprofessional. Under ordinary cir- cumstances resolution should be at the lowest level possible. In this case the route to resolution is less clear but still ultimately leads to the oCMI or higher authority if not resolved beforehand. Should you decide to appeal POWERFUL FLEXIBLE INTUITIVE. Learn more at Online Reservations and Tour Management Customized for your business and designed around your brand 415.431.5520 Increase sales Let customers see real-time availability and book online 247 Let hotel concierges book trips for their patrons Integrate with Facebook Twitter and Trip Advisor Add new customers to your email marketing lists automatically Offer promotions and discounts on your terms Accept Groupon and Living Social vouchers Improve your operating efficiency Modify trips and reservations from anywhere Completely eliminate overbooking View detailed sales and passenger reports Increase customer satisfaction Let customers see real-time trip availability before they book Send automated email reminders and directions Let customers book from their computer smartphone or iPad Completely web-based Nothing to install. Use it At the office At home On your laptop On your smartphone On your iPad At the dock Free setup training and ongoing support Fully hosted and managed 247 Personal U.S.-based account reps MOST TOUR OPERATORS CAN USE STARBOARD SUITE FOR FREE remember an appeal under regu- lation only starts when an oCMI has made a decision and you wish to challenge it or take it to a higher authority with more discretionary authority. You have the right and an acknowledged opportunity to work your way through the chain of command with dispatch and without hindrance to the oCMI. Shortly after the adoption of the Coast guards Enhanced Marine Safety Program many Sector Commanders invited comment from their regulated entities on any matter and many included their cell phone numbers and personal email addresses on their business cards. This may be the case in your sector. While the foregoing instances are relatively few they must be addressed promptly. With industry support Congress has repopulat- ed and adequately resourced the marine safety programs with several hundred new positions and billets. These new marine safety resources need to be trained in regulation and administrative processes exposed to missions under supervision and then tested on their knowledge. one senior officer indicated that goal is probably three to five years off. Like all the other Coast guard missions marine safety has a re- quirement for training and qualifica- tion before being assigned particular tasks. The Commandant has noted that training and qualification alone is not necessarily proficiency and his goal for mission performance is pro- ficiency. In marine safety proficiency is not only knowing the regulations and policies but understanding and using the embedded authorities to exercise equivalency consistency and alternative compliance when ap- propriate. That program fails when the operator cannot access the chain of command or when discouraged by the inspector or intermediate su- pervisory personnel. n MEMBERNEWS Hornblower Cruises Events has named Gordon Loebl Senior Vice President Marine Operations according to Chairman and CEO Terry MacRae. Loebl will be responsible for supporting Hornblower Cruises Events multiple home ports over- seeing facilities capital projects and associated budgets establishing and maintaining relationships with regulatory agencies directing the corporate engineering and project team ensuring safety standards participating in new business de- velopment and leading efforts to develop and utilize new technol- ogy.In this hands-on executive man- Hornblower Announces New Senior VP of Marine Operations agement position Loebls focus will be on the development and growth of Marine Operations throughout the Hornblower group of companies. We are thrilled to have Gordon bring his experience and pro- fessionalism in the industry to Hornblower Cruises Events. With our continued growth and visibility our team will benefit from his deep contacts in the industry and its regu- lators according to MacRae. Prior to this new appointment Captain Loebls had a 28-year career in the U.S. Coast Guard. For 35 years Hornblower Cruises Eventshas been operating charter yachts and public dining cruises. The company operates over 70 vessels and has ports in San Francisco Berkeley Sacramento Long Beach Newport Beach Marina del Rey San Diego CA as well as in New York City. Two Hornblower subsid- iary businesses Alcatraz Cruises and Statue Cruises are National Park Service ferry concessioners to Alcatraz Island the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. In 2014 Hornblower Cruises Eventsbegan operating the third subsidiary Hornblower Niagara Cruises out of Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. n Gordon Loebl Hornblower Cruises Events. OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN 33 EASY MANEUVERABILITY Give your passengers a smooth ride with reliable John Deere PowerTech propulsion and generator drive engines. With high torque and low-rated rpm they deliver excellent vessel control and quiet operation. For easy navigation on the water Nothing Runs Like A Deere. JohnDeere.commarine 56 to 559 kW 75 to 750 hp Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Paul F. Zukunft will deliver a keynote address at a newly announced Industry Dinner during the 2016 Inland Waterways Conference in St. Louis MO this March. The conference is scheduled March 1-3 2016 at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch. We are honored that Admiral Zukunft will take part in our conference and speak at our inaugural Industry Dinner saidAlan Bernstein Conference Director. His per- spective is important to us who operate on the inland rivers as he is responsible for setting policy concerning all segments of this extremely important national transportation resource. The Industry Dinner is a new feature of the 2016 Inland Waterways Conference that is intended to bring together key players in both government and industry who are committed to sustaining the commercial viability of the Nations Inland River Transportation System. Admiral Zukunft assumed command of the Coast Guard in May 2014. In his recently released Commandants Strategic Intent 2015-2019 Admiral Zukunft outlined key areas of focus for the Coast Guard including increas- ing maritime commerce. He leads the largest component of the Department of Homeland Security composed of 88000 personnel including active duty reserve civilian and volunteer auxiliarists. The 2016 Inland Waterways Conference is the one maritime industry confer- ence aimed squarely at the Inland Rivers of the United States. Transportation commerce is a vital component of our Nations economic health and river borne transportation and infrastructure underpin that health from the carriage of products and materials to the benefits of generating travel and tourism. The conference involves key government and industry leaders to address pressing issues challenges and opportunities related to the maritime industry on the Inland Rivers. n NEWSWIRE Coast Guard Commandant to Give Keynote at 2016 Inland Waterways Conference Industry Dinner Admiral Paul F.Zukunft The PVA Convention Planning Committee wants you to share your expertise and experience by speaking at the upcoming PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 January 23-26 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City Washington DC. Speakers are needed to provide how-to information that vessel operators can efciently and effectively use especially in Sales and Marketing Regulations and Operations Business Management In addition Industry Specific Conferences offer an opportunity to target specific market niches within the passenger vessel industry. If you have expertise in the following PVA wants to hear from you PVA Ferry Conference PVA Dinner Boat Conference PVA Green WATERS Conference New Technology Conference Amphibious Vessel Conference To be considered contact PVA at and include your contact information as well as the topic area that youd like to present. 2016 34 OCTOBER 2015 FOGHORN ADVERTISERSINDEX LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 MEMBERNEWS IT systems and tools to maximize operational capabili- ties while simultaneously ensuring your information systems remain fundamentally secure and resilient. Cyber security insurance has evolved in recent years to cover many instances by these attacks. Usually it can be obtained as a stand-alone product or bundled as a com- prehensive package to your existing policy. In conclusion it is better to prevent and deter these types of threats rather than investigate or mitigate after the threat and loss of your data and compromised operating systems. Prevention and deterrence must be the ultimate goal of your management teams and IT personnel. Very respectfully Dave Anderson President n PVA CALENDAR October 28 2015 PVA Fall Board of Directors Meeting 830 a.m.-230 p.m. Hyatt Regency Mission Bay San Diego CA October 28-30 2015 Western Region Meeting Hyatt Regency Mission Bay San Diego CA November 9-11 2015 Original ColoniesSoutheast Region Meeting The Westin Portland Harborview Portland ME January 23-26 2016 PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2016 Hyatt Regency Crystal City Washington DCHyatt Regency Crystal City Washington DC February 9-10 2016 Great Lakes Waterways Conference Marriott Downtown at Key Center Cleveland OH March 1-3 2016 2016 Inland Waterways Conference Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch St. Louis MO For more information go to meetings---events.html ABS Americas..........................................................17 All American Marine.................................................25 Aon Risk Management...............................................30 Arthur J. Gallagher Co...........................................28 Blount Boats Inc......................................................10 Burger Boat Company...............................................12 Carus AB Ltd............................................................16 Caterpillar Marine....................................................13 Centa Corporation....................................................23 Dejong and Lebet......................................................18 Freedman Seating Company......................................19 Furuno USA Inc........................................................22 Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding.....................................10 GPLINK LLC..............................................................23 Hamilton Jet.............................................................30 International Workboat Show.....................................29 John Deere Power Systems.........................................33 Kobelt......................................................................30 Marine Group Boat Works.........................................11 MCM......................................................................18 Metal Shark Aluminum Boats......................................19 Motor Services Hugo Stamp.......................................36 MTU........................................................................35 Nichols Bros.............................................................14 Port SupplyWest Marine.............................................9 RW Fernstrum Co......................................................28 Scania USA................................................................7 Springfield Group.....................................................25 Starboard Suite.........................................................32 Timco Marine Equipment............................................27 Topper Industries Inc.................................................20 Twin Disc Inc.............................................................2 UES Seating.............................................................15 Virtual Ticketing Solutions...........................................24 VT Halter Marine......................................................22 WheelHouse Technologies Inc...................................20 Zerve.......................................................................21 Partnering for success. 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