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july 2015 FOGHORN 9 FOGHORNFOCUS environmental issues EASY MANEUVERABILITY Give your passengers a smooth ride with reliable John Deere PowerTech propulsion and generator drive engines. With high torque and low-rated rpm they deliver excellent vessel control and quiet operation. For easy navigation on the water Nothing Runs Like A Deere. JohnDeere.commarine 56 to 559 kW 75 to 750 hp ways. Dump all garbage clear of the fantail. Sweepers Soon an army of sailors created a mountain of trash twenty feet high and then two sailors tossed the black plastic bags one at a time over the stern. A trail of black dots floated behind the ship for miles like Hansel and Gretel leaving bread- crumbs clear to the horizon. I was stunned my eyes opened to the harsh reality of trash at sea. And it wasnt that long ago in the early 1990s when commercial vessels used to routinely dump all kinds of water into our waterways. Eventually black water was banned and then civil penalties became criminal penalties for oil spills and other polluting infractions. The U.S. Navy is now a leader in environmen- tal stewardship and meticulously processes its waste. Today our cities have gleaming waterfronts and the Potomac River even hosts swimming competitions with thousands of par- ticipants. What a marvelous develop- ment. I bring this up not to remind myself how old I am but to ask which common business practices today will seem barbaric in the future 150 years ago slavery and serfdom were legal 100 years ago woman couldnt vote 50 years ago blacks effectively couldnt either and 10 years ago gays couldnt marry. Our track record projected in the future can frequently be better. For a while I was out of the excursion boat business serving penance with a non-compete. I was excited to run a large mechanical con- tracting company in Washington D.C. and learn about energy efficiency. We did projects like installing air con- ditioning in the National Cathedral and re-doing the heating system for the Kennedy Center read installing over 10000 feet of eight-inch pipes in a complex yet functioning building. Our team prided itself on having the most LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified professionals in the D.C. area. But what I really found out was how far my education still had to go. Then I was off to California to work with Hornblower and was amazed by the environmental awareness of their crew. California is on the forefront of many trends and Hornblower founder Terry MacRae started his career as an environmental engineer. Certainly the industry envi- ronmental gold standard is Alcatraz Cruises under the leadership of Scott Thornton. Together with Cameron Clark now GM Hornblower NY they pursued and achieved the rigorous ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification. They are holding themselves accountable in