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8 july 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS environmental issues 100 Furuno designed Linux software improves stability reduces virus risk Fully compliant IMO systems 19 23.1 LCD or Black Box ECDIS with user supplied wide glass bridge monitors are available Simple Ethernet connection to FAR2xx7 Radars saving thousands over complex interface kits www.Facebook.comFuruno ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System H ornblower Cruises and Events which is head- quartered in San Francisco but has operations in nine cities has a management service system called RESPECT and its core values are spelled out in this acronym. The second E is for Environment. This was deliberately meant to be a two-fer standing both for corporate culture as well as environmental responsibility. Last month I wrote about corporate culture or how the thousands of tasks in a business get accomplished. Let me now turn to the second meaning of environment. Not too long ago virtually all of Americas harbors and rivers were a mess. Our nations capital river the Potomac was not safe for fish or swimming yet it serves as the major source of drinking water for much of the Washington DC metro- politan area. I remember the New England Aquarium as a complete laughingstock in the mid-1960s its location in downtown Boston Harbor was industrial and not very accessible. Im proud that our industrythe passenger vessel industryplayed a pivotal role in revitalizing so many of these water- fronts. Richard OLeary of CI Travel famously had to fight the city fathers of Norfolk VA to get a dock space and the success of The Spirit launched the Waterside and the beginning of a terrific band of waterfront parks in Norfolk. Soon other waterfront de- velopments were created across the country. My professional background on the waterways wasnt always on passenger vessels. It seems like yesterday I experienced the magical feeling when the U.S. Navy helicop- ter carrier I joined left Pearl Harbor HI for a seven-month cruise to the Western Pacific in 1979. As the mountains of Oahu faded over the horizon a beautiful sunset evolved. I was enthralled. Then the ships speaker system blared at an impos- sibly rapid clip. Sweepers sweepers man your broom. Give the ship a good clean sweep fore and aft. Sweep down all decks ladders and passage- A Voyage of Environmental Awareness By Bob Shaw Industry Consultant