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28 july 2015 FOGHORN membernews The Adventure Travel Trade Association ATTA an organization supporting the travel trade worldwide published a report last spring about PVA VesselmemberSeattle- based Un-Cruise Adventures par- ticipation with the PVA Green WATERS Program saying Members of WATERS We Are Taking Environmental ResponsibilityStewardship around the U.S. have taken it upon them- selves to reduce their environmental impact in a variety of ways including reducing fuel consumption con- serving potable water using less harmful chemicals near waterways conserving energy and working with their employees to create a greener workplace. Not be outdone a recent article in Travel Pulse an online travel destination information source described the program as a voluntary program aimed at creating a cleaner greener marine environ- ment. The PVA Green WATERS envi- ronmental stewardship program is designed exclusively for PVA members to allow them to easily implement green business practices and conserve protect and preserve the natural environment while also cutting expenses. Developed by industry experts and tailored for passenger vessel operators the PVA Green WATERS program efficiently guides you through the often-com- plex world of green. As the program gains traction in traveltourism media outlets the all-voluntary PVA Green WATERS Program continues to gain interest PVA Green WATERS Program Cited in Travel Publications and growth by PVA members who are committed to being stewards to the marine environment in which all PVA Vessel members work. With good reason environmental stew- ardship is an important element of responsible business management today and customers are increasingly demanding this type of action. In fact a recent survey of 1000 U.S. travelers showed that an astounding 71 percent of them preferred eco-friendly es- tablishments saying that being pro- environment was important to their decision-making. That explains why on every given day this summer tens of thousands vessel passengers are riders on PVAs Green Fleet members who are participating in the PVAGreen WATERS Programthats more than 53 million people a year. The PVA Green Fleet consists of virtually every type of vessel in the Put Your Fleet at Your Fingertips gplink_halfpage.indd 1 1142015 33702 PM