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20 july 2015 FOGHORN how pva benefits you By Jen Wilk Director Public Affairs and Development PVA Working For You PVA Advocacy Results in Positive Action for Vessel Operators 1910 Unruh Court New Albany IN 47150 Tel 812.945.8988 13705 Gainesville St. Houston TX 77015 Tel 713.330.8200 WATER LUBRICATED MARINE BEARINGS SLEEVE AND FLANGED CONFIGURATIONS IN STOCK AT TIMCO DURABLE LONG LASTING EASY TO INSTALL P VAs strategic initiatives have yielded recent success in taking on issues that impact your business. As a result of PVAs outreach to the U.S. Coast Guard there has been an increase in enforcement action against rail jumpers. This initiative draws public attention to the consequences of this activity and addresses a key safety concern among operators. Additionally due to PVAs pro-active engagement on proposed rules Coast Guard re-opened a rulemaking to include required cost analysis. This gave PVA further opportunity to evaluate and challenge the economic impact of the proposal. Enforcement Action Against Rail Jumping In response to increased nationwide activity of pas- sengers intentionally jumping overboard commonly referred to as rail jumping PVAengaged the Coast Guard to increase enforcement action against offenders. Rail jumping creates a dangerous operating environ- ment because it usually occurs near to shore and diverts the crews attention from important docking procedures onto man overboard processes. PVA urged the Coast Guard to act upon its federally mandated authority to assign fines to the individuals engaged in rail jumping. PVA wanted the Coast Guard to exercise its enforcement authority to publicly discourage passengers jumping overboard. As a result Coast Guard leadership sent a message to the field emphasizing the legal basis and procedures for issuing a ticket to a passenger who interferes with the safe operation of a vessel.