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july 2015 FOGHORN 11 FOGHORNFOCUS environmental issues S moother quieter faster greener or should we say bluer four words we know that passengers love to hear. And after a close to 3 million overhaul this winter they are the same four words that can be used to aptly describe the newly revital- ized Salacia Boston Harbor Cruises Boston to Provincetown Fast Ferry. Boston Harbor Cruises BCH is a par- ticipating PVA member in the PVA Green WATERS Program a voluntary best green business program developed exclusively for PVA vessel members. BHC joined PVAs Green WATERS Program as an important part of our efforts to ensure environmental respon- For Salacia 15 is the New Brand New and Greener Too By Jeanne Sullivan Boston Harbor Cruises sibility for our company. Were committed to reducing waste and operating in a cleaner bluer more sustainable environment. Salacia now being an EPA Tier III Certified Emissions Level vessel Salacia is refitted with new EPA-Certified Tier III engines. 1 920.686.5117 burgerboat.comcommercial Burger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service. Quality Commercial Vessels... Built by Burger to Your Requirements Aluminum and Steel Fabrication Passenger Vessels Research Vessels Fast Crew Boats Fast Supply Boats Wind Farm Support Vessels Fishing Vessels Other Vessels to 260 80m RV ARCTICUS Delivered October 2014 CHICAGOS CLASSIC LADY Delivered May 2014 LUCIA Currently Under Construction 89 27m Steel Passenger Vessel Proudly built in the USA