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10 july 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS environmental issues a myriad of ways and in partner- ship with the National Parks Service Alcatraz Cruises recycles greater than 80 of the waste stream on Alcatraz Island. But it doesnt stop there they have converted three legacy ferry boats to state-of-the-art hybrid boats employing solar wind and battery operations employing proprietary technology. And a fourth hybrid vessel Hornblower Hybrid is now cruising in New York harbor. In California I learned so much about environmental stewardship. Your young crew will demand environmental leadership in your company. While our industry has come so far in the last 25 years we can go even further. What actions today might be viewed as primitive later on What can you do now to be better To help you start your journey if you arent in a position to create your own program I encourage you to look into PVA Green WATERS Program. This free voluntary program offers ideas and guidance on what you and your crew can do right away to become environmental stewards for our precious marine environment. Get started today by going to http www.passengervessel.commember- resources.htmlgreenwaters to learn more. Last month I argued the right corporate culture makes large missions like environmentalism a reality. Next month lets turn to a vital mission of every excursion vessel operator safety. n About the Author Bob Shaw is a veteran industry executive having led over 100 vessels re- sponsible for over 10 million passengers a year. He can be reached at