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june 2015 FOGHORN 11 FOGHORNFocuS OpERaTiONs MaiNTENaNcE Learn More For more information the following has specific detailed regulations and recommendations on operating and maintaining CO2 systems on passenger vessels. Coast Guard Marine Safety Alert 6-15 May 27 2015 httpwww.uscg.milTVNCOEDocumentssafetyalerts FixedSystem0615.pdf Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular 6-72 August 22 1972 httpwww.uscg.milhqcg5nvicpdf1970sn6-72.pdf Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular 9-00 Change 1 March 17 200 httpwww.uscg.milhqcg5nvicpdf2000n9-00.pdf National Fire Protection Association Standard 12 httpwww.nfpa.orgcodes-and-standardsdocument- information-pagesmodecodecode12 About the Author Morgan Hurley is a project director with Aon Fire Protection Engineering. He has worked as a fire protection engineer for the U.S. Coast Guard where he was an author of the Subchapter K fire protection requirements. ITS ALL ABOUTTHE FACTS I love having a world of ideas at my fingertips Sandy Scudder IT Manager for Hyline Cruises Cape Cod revels in being able to capitalise on the new functions and features that are constantly being added to CarRes. With the global client base using CarRes we are able to benefit from their experiences and developments as well as coming up with our own. Booking Check-in Systems for the Global Ferry Industry Carus PBS Ab Ltd P.O. Box 195 FIN-22101 Mariehamn Phone 358 20 7107 800 E-mail Web