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10 june 2015 FOGHORN FOGHORNFOCUS operations maintenance Alert 6-15 recommends owners operators and appropriate vessel personnel do the following Receive adequate training on how to perform routine inspec- tions of CO2 systems Receive training on how to properly operate CO2 systems Frequently review and update training manuals checklists and safety management systems and Post clear instructions for CO2 system emergency operation. N a v i g a t i o n a n d Ve s s e l Inspection Circulars 6-72 and 9-00 Change 1 provide resources that can assist vessel owners with complying with the Coast Guards recommendations. Additionally N a t i o n a l F i r e P r o t e c t i o n Association Standard 12 recom- mends the following Inspect CO2 systems for opera- tional condition every 30 days Test CO2 systems for proper operation annually Test time delays annually Test audible and visual alarms annually Verify installation of warning signs annually and Test system hoses every five years. Verification of operation- al condition can generally be conducted by visual inspection. Many CO2 control assemblies have visual indicators that show whether the system is armed or if it has been discharged CO2 systems generally do not use pressure gauges. More details can be found in the referenced documents. If you need additional assistance contact Aon Fire Protection Engineering at 301-220-1212 or morgan.hurley n OPERATIONAL STUDIES FUNCTIONAL DESIGN PRODUCTION DESIGN PROCUREMENT CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT THROUGH-LIFE SUPPORT CONSULTING DESIGNER OF ROBUST AND EFFICIENT PASSENGER VESSELS 41m Catamaran Passenger Ferry 2 x environmentally-friendly 400 passenger ferries under construction for WETA San Francisco Incat CrowtherE V E R E V O L V I N G E V E R I M P R O V I N G